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Exotic Spirit Boutique

Welcome to The Jambalaya Moon!
Here we specialize in Natural Skincare, Intimate Care and Mystical Products rooted in Afro-Caribbean Spiritualism and Wellness. (Est. 2012)

Power of 3✨

The Holistic Regimen

Be confident in knowing that all Personal Care Products here are Handcrafted, Blessed and use no more than THREE Key Ingredients.

  • MIAMI Conjure Sprays

  • A Spell + Body Conjure Potion
  • Pum Pum Passion Scrubs

  • Natural Intimate Care
  • Travel Bundles

  • Maintain Luxury Overnight
  • The Best Seller!

  • Madame’s “Sugar Baby” Items
  • The Divine Feminine

  • Natural Intimate Care

MIAMI Conjure Sprays

A Spell + Body Conjure Potion SHOP Madame’s MIAMI Conjure Spray

Pum Pum Passion Scrubs

Natural Intimate Care SHOP Passion Scrubs

Travel Bundles

Maintain Luxury Overnight SHOP Luxury Travel Bundles

The Best Seller!

Madame’s “Sugar Baby” Items SHOP Sugar Baby Tings!

The Divine Feminine

Natural Intimate Care SHOP Exotic Yoni Wash XL

Client Testimonials

The Jambalaya Moon is one of my favorite Black-Owned Brands. I swear by all of these Products. And I'm so stingy with them because I use them with intention!

The Spiritual Mermaid (Loyal Client/Medicine Woman)

I was put onto La Sirena and The Jambalaya Moon from a friend who got a Love Potion Oil. Then I started to buy my own! I truly feel like a Goddess when I take a bath and pamper myself with the potions from The Jambalaya Moon. I wish her much success with these divine and lovely products!

Paradise Jones (Exotic Dancer/MUA))

At this point, I’ve gotten used to all of the attention I’ll get when I’m wearing the King Dream Attraction Oil & Beard Butter. Not only does it keep me smelling heavenly, it keeps the Queens on my line! I highly encourage all my Brothas to keep the King Dream Collection items in rotation 365. Game changers for sure!

Brandon B. (VIP Clientele)

I've tried plenty of other brands with "magical" product claims. But believe me when I tell you, The Jambalaya Moon is pure magic! My favorites are the Cleopatra and Oshun Sensual Oils. I get compliments all day about how good I smell and how my skin is just glowing. I can't get enough!

Khadijah Ross (Dancer/Model)

Every item included in the Yoni Bundle I purchased, which included the Pum Pum Wash, Pum Pum Passion Scrub, Cosmic Womb Massage Oil and Divine Feminine Yoni Oils, have TOTALLY changed my life. I suffered from chronic infections due to changes in my pH balance for years. I’m so thankful to now have a Holistic way to care for my Yoni. If you were wondering whether or not you should invest — the answer is YES!

L. Jones (Clientele)

So the Divine Feminine Yoni Wash and Yoni Oils are really Life-changers. Whew! Traumatic experiences left me with the inability to experience pleasure as much as I would like. After a Womb Consultation with Madame Sirena and purchasing the suggested Yoni Bundle, I saw results immediately! Reclaiming my sexual power and identity is something I am so proud to have achieved, with the help of The Jambalaya Moon.

S. Taylor (Entrepreneur)

I have the Divine Feminine Yoni Oil and MILF Kitty Wash to thank for helping me to FINALLY manifest those back-to-back orgasms. Deep up in my soul I can feel the healing. Without question, these products and La Sirena's blessings are the real thing baby!

Ja'ime M. (Entrepreneur/Artist)

The Madame’s “Sugar Baby” Oil is ALL you need to have the boys ready to offer you everything and be your submissive! It adds to the charm you already possess, and I’m having too much fun. Ha! I keep that thang on me!

Alexis R. (MUA/Entertainer)

As soon as I received my Jambalaya Moon Package, I could feel the powerful healing energy of the products. They have really helped me, as I am learning more about my own spirituality. La Sirena promotes Self-Love, Luxury and maintaining a holistic lifestyle - so far those things have been working for me and the Oils and Butters I use from the Goddess Collections make it all even better!

Ms. Kimberly Taylor (VIP Clientele/Product Enthusiast)