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The Jambalaya Moon Love Sanctuary...

is an indulgent blessing for your Spiritual Senses.

You have entered into a space of Supreme Love & Mysticism, founded by La Madame Sirena (CEO). Scroll down and scroll through the tabs above. Enjoy your stay.

Client Testimonials

Ever since I put on that King Dream Oil and washed with the Prosperity Soap, I have been attracting opportunities and women - like crazy! La Sirena's hands really are blessed. It can't really be put into words, it's something you have to experience. So go on and experience it! 

Sean H. (Clientele)

I can't imagine life without Ms. Madame Sirena's Consultation Services and products. I came to her during a time when I didn't know myself. I had survived an abusive relationship and suffered from a miscarriage. Simply talking to Madame Sirena and soaking in her guidance and wisdom put me back on the track of Self Love and appreciation! Her Womb Consultation Services and Black Pussy Supreme Oils saved my womb and my life! I have taken back my power. 

Janae D. (Loyal Client/Writer)

What can I say about The Jambalaya Moon? I can honestly say that these products have changed my sex, romantic and financial life! I feel more confident, powerful and I have a peace of mind I have never experienced before. Do yourself a HUGE favor and invest in La Madame and The Home of the Wild Conjures!

Tamara Sinclair (VIP Clientele)

I've tried plenty of other brands with "magical" product claims. But believe me when I tell you, The Jambalaya Moon is pure magic! Everything I have tried here is addictive and exotic. My favorites are the Cleopatra and Oshun Sensual Oils. I get compliments all day about how good I smell and how my skin is just glowing. I can't get enough!

Khadijah Ross (Dancer/Model)

I was put onto La Sirena and The Jambalaya Moon from a friend who got a Love Potion Oil. Curious, I decided I had to meet this lady. And I am so glad that I did. Her spirit and energy lifted me, and her listen, they are unreal. I truly feel like a Goddess when I take a bath and pamper myself with the potions from The Jambalaya Moon. I wish her much success with these divine and lovely products!

Paradise Jones (Exotic Dancer/MUA))

As soon as I received my Jambalaya Moon Package, I could feel the powerful healing energy of the products. They have really helped me, as I am learning more about my own spirituality. La Sirena promotes Self-Love, Luxury and maintaining a holistic lifestyle - so far those things have been working for me and the Oils and Butters I use from the Goddess Collections make it all even better!

Ms. Kimberly Taylor (VIP Clientele/Product Enthusiast)

This is not your average "Bath and Body" shop. The products at Jambalaya Moon are made with real Love, and you can feel that. There's no faking that feeling. I invest in Jambalaya Moon products because I believe in the power of holistic healing and I believe in my friend's gifts. I'm so proud to see her doing what she loves; and that's healing people through Earth and Sex magic. 

T. Johnson (Close Friend/Entrepreneur)

la madame's collections

Pleasure + Sensuality

The Sensual Supreme Collection features specially designed items for healing and anointing sexually. Includes Yoni Washes, Oils, Steams, Fertility Bundles and more!

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Luxurious Skincare

The Holistic Beauty Collection features Whipped Body Butters, Exotic Soaps and other Natural Skincare necessities, including Seasonal Indulgences!

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Blessed + Dressed Conjure Items

The Jambalaya Moon House Collection features Exotic Candles, Potions and other Blessed Conjure items to take your Spiritual Ceremonies to the next level!

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Enchanted Love Tings

The Enchanted Love Collection features uniquely inspired infusions to increase your pleasures, love awareness, attraction and Seduction Powers. 

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The Royal King Vibration

The King Dream Collection features Bath, Body and Intimate Indulgences, created specifically for KINGS! Enhance your naturally Royal vibrations with these blessings from La Madame. 

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Orishas and Ancestral Worship

Find Rare and Unique Product Offerings, to honor the Orishas of the Lucumi Tradition, the Lwa of Voudon and our Ancestral Roots. Gain more knowledge and understanding of the Indigenous Practices that once made us the rulers of this land!

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