La Mademoiselle

La Mademoiselle

Deep in the crevices of southern comforts, is the mysterious Mistress of Ceremonies. A sensual and passionate being, no stranger to lustful magic nor the stare of strangers. A sweetened tone, massaged with white wine and charm. Low eyes, which see far past the physical. “The spirits will tap you into the Spirits.” 
The Bayous of Louisiana is where much inspiration is drawn from. The Jambalaya Moon is all about the Conjure, the underlying interconnectivity of it all. The whispers of the women that keep the traditions alive. The direction of the wind, the moon’s pull on the tide. She who remembers. She who sings. She who honors the Olde Ways. She who conjures. 

La Mademoiselle Conjure is the ultimate Black Bruja blend.
🕷Psychic Power.




🕷Travel Protection. 

Everything a Practicing Conjure Woman needs for her journey. The road less traveled isn’t always paved with diamonds. We have spiritual lessons to learn, ignorance to unlearn, adapt to new ways of thinking, all whilst consistently practicing to get better. This is why a Madame holds her crown. She works with a host of spirits, ancestors and guides and can do most “just” work for others as well. Allow her to roam freely in the spring meadows, or to stop and smell the honeysuckles before she whisks away to perform her next miracle. Encourage her to indulge in the delicacies of fruit-sweetened wine and flights of fancy. Deep in the crevices of southern comforts, is the mysterious Mistress of Ceremonies. 

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