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Madame’s Exotic Yoni Steams
Madame’s Exotic Yoni Steams

Madame’s Exotic Yoni Steams

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A Specially Handcrafted luxury for your womb and spiritual health. Yoni steams are ancient medicine of Wild Women across the globe and are one of my most sacred creations. A unique blend of several of my personal favorite sweet and healing Caribbean herbs and flowers are packaged, blessed and shipped to you. Comes with instructions for you to enjoy in your own privacy.

If you suffer from menstrual cramps, bloating, heavy bleeding/discharge and/or need to detoxify your sacred space (from old lovers, toxic relations, unhealed abortions and miscarriages), I highly suggest this Womb Work. Jambalaya Moon Yoni Steams are designed to UNLOCK the stagnant energy hiding deep down in the Womb Spirit. Once released, the result is the full re-emergence of Goddess Power, Relaxation and deep renewal of your Sacred Sensuality.  A Sirena Specialty. Pairs perfectly with any Sensual Supreme Collection Item. (Each order can be used for 1-2 Yoni Steams)