Madame's Pleasure Principles

Madame's Pleasure Principles

Pleasure has always been a theme here at the Sanctuary. Let's elevate this to making it a theme in our lives. To make this a reality, I've created some principles to add more pleasure to your life, using it to manifest a life that you desire. Now, when we think about manifestation and desires, some of us automatically become skeptical. It's amazing, if we knew how powerful our thoughts were, we would never think a negative thought again! Our mind has the ability to affect our body's cells, immune system, reality and of course, our ability to experience pleasure. As controversial as it may sound; our mind has an active role in our sex lives and the mental connections that we share (or don't share) with those we have sex with. This has an impact on the way that we receive and spiritually connect during high energy sessions. Being intentional about what we think is a first step towards learning about and using our mind's power, to enhance our lives. Here I present, the first Pleasure Principle:

- Explore Your Pleasures - this is about knowing what you want and need. There is no way to begin to use pleasure as a way to manifest without fully understanding what brings us pleasure. We can start with things like our environment, what is aesthetically pleasing to us? Fill your space with items and spiritually charged décor to accommodate your Pleasure. Do things that make you feel good; whether that's trying new places to eat, buying new candles for your home, investing in a new hobby or masturbating under the energy of the New Moon. Whatever brings you pleasure is what you should vow to do more of in your life. 

- Create a Pleasure Journal - As you're exploring your pleasures, you should take note of certain thoughts and feelings. This can serve as a powerful way to enchant yourself in times that you need inspiration. It's also an easy way for you to tap into your creativity, passion and sensuality. You may find that some of your sexual energy is repressed, and needs to be expressed in certain ways. Keeping an active journal of your experience allows you to dream sweetly and seductively, and prepares you for the next practice of Principle. 

- Create your Pleasure Realm - in my "Fruit & Sex Manual" I speak about tapping into the pleasures of the Soul. These are the desires that you hide from the world and even from yourself. It is through this deep sense of self-awareness that we are able to create a subconscious reality. Going into trance or meditation, you can visualize a world made up of only your pleasure components. With your creativity leading the way, your pleasurable desires will fill in the details. (An entire ritual for the Pleasure Realm Meditation is available in the "Fruit & Sex Manual" - find it in the INTIMATES Collection)

- Find at least 1 pleasurable activity to manifest from - After creating your subconscious realm, you'll need to bring that energy into the physical. To do so, you'll need to revisit the first principle and engage in activities that explore your pleasures. Once you find 1-3 activities that you find pleasurable, use those while manifesting. An example may be dancing in a sensual way to your favorite song while visualizing your desires in your mind's eye. 

- Continually use your Pleasure to manifest - Keep your manifestation power in perpetual motion. Continuing to explore your pleasures, write in your pleasure journal and visit your Pleasure Realm gives you an active role in your pleasure manifestation. This Principle is the cumulation of all of the mental/spiritual exercises that align you with your sensual instincts and nature. I urge you to also use your Pleasure Journal as a way to keep record of your experiences with your Pleasure Realm and pleasurable experiences. Find joy in your daily movements, add a sprinkle of personal satisfaction to your daily thoughts and allow yourself to receive sensual gratification. Your pleasure and abundance are your birthrights. Act accordingly and feel free to add your own Pleasure Principles to live by.

With love, La Madame

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