We Love "Fixin's"

We Love "Fixin's"

Sometimes it's crazy when we think about how much of our power we give away. Day in and day out, we are told to look somewhere outside of ourselves for salvation. But our Ancestors had knowledge and the willpower to "fix" things in their life and the lives of others. It's something about the roots that grow from the bosom of Mother Earth and intention; it's combination creates pure magic! And I'll be honest, it's easier for some people than it is for others to "Conjure," "Root Work" or "Fix" things spiritually. 

Some individuals were born into the skill, either with spiritual gifts they came into this world with, a family of practitioners, or a combination of both. It's a common belief that if a child is born into a family that practices works of the Spirit, their gifts are automatic. Even still, there are people who are raised in "practicing" households and still go on to lead very different lives. They may grow to ignore their spiritual gifts or act as if they don't know about the spiritual arts they grew up with. In these instances, I believe that these people somehow find their way back to their calling but, it's not always the case. 

There are then individuals who aren't directly born into it, but who may have been born with what's called a "veil." The veil is a spiritual covering that gives you gifts including but not limited to: clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, energy healing, spiritual communication, animal communication, dream interpretation, medium abilities and more. Your family may not practice, or may even be resistant to any other teachings besides Christianity, but it does not negate the fact that you know you have gifts. It's sometimes called the Supernatural or the unexplainable, but one thing's for sure: it's there and it's real. The mystical connection that we all share is there. And since we are mystically connected to each other, that means we are also mystically connected to the Creator. If we dwell in that fact, we know that we have dominion over our own lives. After all, we must have the will to live and survive, despite the odds. Because life isn't easy, especially for Indigenous people. And since we could remember (at least the last a thousand years), several of our Ancestors have lived in bondage. Despite these facts, Indigenous people remain the most spiritual and religious people on the planet. The very unequal treatment experienced here on Earth has never become a reason to stop believing, worshiping or tending to the Great Spirit and the Ancestors. Often times, if not most, Spirituality was all there was to believe in, and therefore, became the only will to survive. With all of that in motion, the need to "fix" some shit (excuse my language) is not only justified, but very necessary.

I call the African continent, the Southern Americas and the Caribbean, my Golden Triangle. For these regions are what birthed and evolved the spiritual practices that I live by and practice everyday. These are the areas where my Ancestors were born, settled at and/or frequented and where they practiced their "fixin's." Today, we find that these areas are still the epicenter of the Mystical Black Conjure Woman and Man. The practices of worshiping and honoring the Ancestors, the Earth and all living things is a cultural indoctrination that you only see in very specific places, especially here in the Americas. Places like Memphis Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana and the Lowcountry regions of the Carolinas and Georgia are just a few of the "hot spots" where you can get the best Fixins of food, comfort and spirit! It's something about the "Roots" in the South that are different. I consider myself even more blessed and favored when working with herbs, flowers, botanicals and other essences that were grown in Southern soil. I'm sure it's the spiritual hymns that are heard in the wind, same as the bones in the dirt that grows the herbs we heal with. It's all cycles. Cycles of life, cycles of love, cycles of death, cycles of healing. I may have died a thousand times, but each time I resurrected, I came back with my Spirit in alignment and a "Fixed" attitude. Ancestral contact will do that for you!

What it is that you need "Fixed" in your own life?  A new outlook? More clients for your business? A new boo? A promotion or a new job? Maybe you need relief from the everyday stressors of your environment. Whatever the "fixing" is that you need, we're always here to help!

To begin to create (swift) change in your life, your first step is to remove any thoughts or actions that are contrary to the goal(s) you have in mind. That means people, places and things will be eliminated and added as needed - please don't fret, it means the intentions are working! Next, you will need to schedule a Consultation or consult by your own means of divination to determine what spiritual influences are present. I suggest scheduling a reading with myself or another trusted reader, as we tend to "misinterpret" the messages when we are biased to our own conditions/conditioning. As you begin to perform your work, (with "Fixed" candles, floorwashes, psychic/spiritual baths, rituals, etc), you will need to physically and spiritually make room for the changes needed in your life. You know how the old saying goes; move like your desire is already yours and it'll show up in no time. That's right! You have to walk with your head held high, your motions mimicking the success, wellness, pleasure and other details of your desire. Along with pure intentions, prayer, divination, curios and other "Blessed" items from The Jambalaya Moon, this is one proven and very effective way to "fix" ANY condition in your life baby. And you know, we LOVE Fixin's! Be sure to get yourself a BIG helping in the Madame's House and MADEMOISELLE Collections!

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