Visit the Sanctuary - VIP Boutique Sessions

Visit the Sanctuary - VIP Boutique Sessions

GREAT NEWS🙌🏾💫 Did you know that you can schedule a VIP visit to the Sanctuary? We’re Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and are now open for VIP Boutique Scheduling. A VIP Session at the Boutique includes: LIVE Product Catalog Browsing, Personal Product Demonstrations, Customized Product Consultation, Preview of New + Seasonal Items and Access to In-Person Divination Sessions with La Madame Sirena. This is a Complimentary Service available to all VIP Members.

         The VIP Session Boutique Session Weekly Schedule is as follows:                                                              Tuesdays (10am - 4pm)                                                                                         Thursdays - Saturdays (12pm - 6pm)                                         You can add the complimentary VIP Boutique Session to your cart the next time you shop (or whenever) and you will be contacted directly to schedule your VIP Boutique Session. Want to get a jump start on scheduling your VIP Boutique Session? Reach out to CEO Madame Sirena directly by email: or text 240-678-2179.

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