Him done got blessed with the "Madame's Magic" – and he shall never be the same. I was playing around with the elements the other night and realized, how I made it rain. Sweet and in tune, deep up in my monsoon. I felt the colors of the galaxies floating around the whole room. My eyes were real low –I saw a figure appear at my door. It slid down into a love potion and traveled across my bedroom floor. I fell deeper into my waves, deeper in to the cosmic cave… I was floating above water and I felt so unafraid.

He was there to meet me; to greet me with coconut kisses and mango daiquiris. I was with my Elders, throwing my head back with laughter like Royalty. Nothing out of the ordinary; a meeting with my Oracles. They sat there with sweet perfumes permeating from their pores. Crystal bowls of fruit overflowing from the core. Wisdom weaved into their hands and wrists. Throwing around cowrie shells and divination cards, "just like this." Singing songs and love lullabies from the soul. I was taking it all in, crystallized in my eyes from the clear blue skies.

Tiptoeing into my dreams, I could see Him. Surrounded by palm trees and tropical lovebirds. My Destination. A getaway into the crevices of my Paradise – with no hesitation. Did I smile? Or was I too surprised? I remembered from the first night we spent, the love I saw all up in his eyes. And damn baby, ain’t a damn thing changed. I actually swooned at the way he came around and made rearrangements. And now I had no choice but to surrender. Swim deeper to the bottom of the river. Remember...why I chose to live this way, in the comfortable pockets of eternal gateways. He was there to meet me; to greet me with coconut kisses and mango daiquiris.

"He got introduced to that Pussy Magic" they whispered to me, "and it changed him drastically."

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