Soul Sweetness

Soul Sweetness

Entrenched in the Bayous, I hadn't noticed how many burdens and black clouds have been lifted. I mean, on the outside I was banging and everyone knew it. But deep down in the crevices of my Soul, I needed to break free! I had to break the chains that the Medicine Woman of my bloodline couldn't. I was the designated Black Sheep, and in my role I began to fit comfortably.

The Queen of extremes, I cut off the world. No contact unless I absolutely had to. A Self-Made schedule gave me the luxury to not bother with others if I did not feel like being bothered. And I thanked Goddess for the ability to isolate everyday. My Sanctuary is my fortress I would often say to myself.

This tender ting caught my eyes, weeks before more contact was made. Before his body told me secrets, his soul had whispered. Seeing his face and aura, the day after returning from my mini-vacay, was somewhat refreshing. I was finally feeling relaxed, sun-kissed and still a little sore from my intense beachfront workout sessions. My Yoni was probably plotting; already knowing what I needed. Besides, his smile was so innocent and mysterious. 7 years the young man's senior, and I wondered how it was that he appealed to me so.

"You're an old soul," I told him as we chatted later that night on the phone, via FaceTime. He smiled and admitted as much. I had given him my number, hesitantly, and he commented that he noticed. I told him the truth, that I was retreating from the world and he should feel lucky.

Besides, it wasn't too often that I let such a sweet, young soul take a hold of me. I found some actual pleasure in curving him, at first. But it was for good reason. I needed to listen to myself think, let my consciousness breathe. My psyche needed a break from intensity, if only for a little while. A slow-growing soul encounter was developing and it felt, different...

Three nights later and we were enjoying Sushi under the moonlight. I thought about how instant the attraction was. I had gone through so many changes but after a swift change to my daily regimens, I knew my vibration was aligned. This connection had to serve me somewhere in my purpose. So I let the feelings flow and let him admire me, from afar and near. We slow danced to "Like a Woman" by Tony Rich and I let his lips graze my neck and lips. I smiled. He smiled.

"You know what you're doing to me," he said. And I acted none the wiser. The young ones were always so eager to give up their energy, and as I was manifesting a new reality, it seemed appropriate. Now I knew why I had aligned myself to meet him. He was fresh off the block, just how I liked them. So that meant that the glitz and glamour of the street life was buried inside of him. Deep inside his subconscious resided the desires to be free - a Warrior Spirit. Looking into his naive and (somewhat) sinful soul, I then knew it was mine for the taking. I arranged for him to join me at my residence. In the comfort of my Sanctuary is when some of my most potent work can be executed precisely. And as magical words were whispered in my ears, I exhaled. He looked at me, passion burning like fire in his eyes. He couldn't bring himself to maintain control.  Mentally, I had already attached to the outcome that would be. Slowly, we entered my Pleasure Realm; a place so sweet that the Soul must surrender. He fell to his knees and I threw my head back with laughter, grabbing ahold of him. And how delicious his sweet soul was, as I delighted in his delicacies. Sucking his soul off his bones and licking my fingers afterwards, round and round. Imagine my astonishment when he looked over and asked “another round?”

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