Madame’s Weekend Ritual

Madame’s Weekend Ritual

The Jambalaya Moon is a perfect place to find Ritual Items for any occasion. For days when we are focusing on Supreme Self-Care, the Yoni Steams and Fixed Candles are our go-to! You can find the Yoni Steams and other Natural Intimate Care in the INTIMATES Collection and the Fixed Candles in the JAMBALAYA HOUSE Collection.

The demands for our lives are no easy task. Whether you're an entrepreneur, parent, student, worker or a combination of them all, you understand. During our time off, we should be intentional about the ways we unwind and relax. If you do not have a relaxing regimen (that does not include binge-watching and eating) then you need to adopt one! While we can certainly enjoy a lazy afternoon with Netflix and snacks, we should balance those times with Rituals for Self-Care that will enhance our mind, spirit and beauty. Madame's Weekend Ritual here begins with playing some relaxing music (I prefer Hindu Meditation Music) and beginning to prepare your Yoni Steam. You should be intentional about setting up your space and being uninterrupted in your flow. After your Yoni Steam is ready, you should administer it (read your Yoni Steam Instructions) and allow yourself to be cleansed, healed and rejuvenated. A nap or resting time is strongly recommended after completing a Yoni Steam. After this phase is complete and you have rested (hopefully with some powerful dreams), you are ready to write your Petition. This petition will serve as a bridge between your desires and the cosmic energy that will support you, so be as specific as possible when writing it. You will then place this Petition paper under the Madame's Fixed Candle of your choice and wait until midnight (or right before your bedtime) to light the flame. Performed on a Saturday or Sunday, this Ritual is designed to put you in a high vibrational mode from natural relaxation and pampering. It will also energize you for the upcoming week, leaving more room for new thoughts, blessings and manifestations. Ase!     

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