Madame's Conjure Product Highlight

Madame's Conjure Product Highlight

You're here, at the Home of the infamous "Sugar Baby" Blends from La Madame Sirena. This Best-Seller always flies out of inventory, so I felt it necessary to take the time to highlight these items and their vibration. These potions are aged and charged in the Sanctuary, then finished with a smooth vanilla and clove fragrance. Get the most out of your SUGAR BABY item purchases by first placing them in your sacred space or right on your dresser. Next, get ready for your intentions to manifest delightfully. 

The Madame's "SUGAR BABY" Conjure Oil is the most potent way to align yourself with the Sugah vibrations. You can use this oil as an everyday body blend while citing your affirmations - best used from toe to head while focusing on desires. You can also use some in your hair to add an extra layer of attraction and sweet fragrance to your aura. Practitioners use this conditioned oil to dress candles, anoint prayer spaces and add to floorwashes for attraction, prosperity and luxurious vibes.

The Madame's "SUGAR BABY" 7-Day Conjure Candle takes the manifestation magic to new levels. This uses the energy of your intentions, the cosmos and your Spirit Guides to aid you with the changes you desire. As the flame burns, it will tell you a story about the spiritual happenings in your life, especially as it relates to the intentional energy you are cultivating. A clear and clean burning candle indicates no blockages as it relates your intention coming into fruition. A low flame or a candle that keeps going out indicates that the intention is not strong enough. A black burning candle can indicate blockages as it relates to the intention being focused on. Your mindset and actions surrounding the work will also impact whether or not your desires manifest into fruition. 

Magical Intention is all about connecting the dots, from top to bottom. What better way to add to your spell than with intentional bathing? While we use water to wash away everyday stressors and physical dirt, we can also use water and other elements to enhance our intentions. Using the "SUGAR BABY" Bodywashes (available in Travel Size or XL bottles) as our last step in the bath or shower preps our mind and body for the spoiling and extra attention that these blends naturally attract. Use every other day, or in ritual - followed with the "SUGAR BABY" Conjure Oil and recited affirmations for supreme results! The smells is sweet and intoxicating, as you will be after dousing your energy in these items!  

The Madame's "SUGAR BABY" Ultimate Conjure Bundle includes an XL bottle of the Conjure Oil and the 7-Day Fixed Candle. Allow yourself to attract and maintain the luxurious vibration of the Sugar Baby! Not only are you setting the standard for the ways others will treat you, you are sending a clear message to the Universe that you have no interest in settling. And you don't have to. Be sweet, SUGAH!

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