Life is SWEET!💫

Life is SWEET!💫

Listen darling, I live by the creed that life should be Sweet. We’re letting go of that struggle-life narrative. When did we get so comfortable with suffering? It’s definitely not a wave we should continue to ride.
All this week, we’ve been celebrating Goddesses! Tuesday (9/7) was the Feast Day for Yemoja; the Yoruba Deity of the Sea. Wednesday (9/8) was the Feast Day for Oshun; the Yoruba Deity of the River. And Friday (9/10) was Marie LaVeau’s Birthday — the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. All three of these Goddesses find Patron here at The Jambalaya Moon — through my personal spiritual connection and their products available. Throughout the celebration of this week, I realized not just how Sweet life can be, but how Sweet life is! I just took in everything around me and realized that my life would be as successful and pleasurable to me as I allowed it to be. No more doubting or second-guessing about all the good things coming to me. Why would we block our own blessings? The root of it all is centered in the love we have for ourselves. If it’s lacking in any way, this will reveal itself in our lives. It usually manifests as situations, people and environments that become unfavorable. A thorough examination of our Self-Love practices can quickly reveal how many things aren’t in accordance with our wants and desires. Life, to me, is about consistently empowering yourself. Practicing things to make yourself better on a mental, physical and soul level.

A Self-Love and Attraction Bath such as this one gives you the permission to soak away your defeats and obstacles, to focus solely on change for the better. Performing any type of ritual or spell requires a mindset shift for it to be most effective. Doing physical things, like moving your clothes to one side of the closet while manifesting a lover, or spending time in the neighborhood with your dream house, are great ways to move towards the energy of the manifestation faster. However, shifting your mindset to rewire your entire frequency to that of your desire, that’s called POWER! We love this bath because it also gives us permission to be powerful and dominant in our pursuits. It made me finally feel free enough to detach from any outside views, as it relates to certain parts of my spirituality and journey. This Herb Bath infuses very special and rare herbs, making this a Seasonal Conjure. We like to use the herbs aligned for the season and astrological influences. Moving into this Mercury Retrograde, it’s time to reset.  Timing is everything. And consistency is key! Using this bath for 5, 7 or 9 consecutive days, with pure intention, is how you create results. It’s real, and it’s possible. We’re literally a part of this entire universe, gifted with all of its magic and power. Tap in, right now! 
Madame’s Self Love + Attraction Bath available in the MADAME’S HOUSE Collection

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