Madame’s Conjure Product Highlight

Madame’s Conjure Product Highlight

I always feel the need to preface any explanation of my Jezebel Conjure Bundle with this fact; society has demonized the term “Jezebel” and it has done a great disservice to feminine energy. The root “Jezebel” is linked with Women’s Wealth, Pleasure & Success. This is the energy infused into the Jezebel blends available at The Jambalaya Moon. This energy

comes from the Earth. You should use the Conjure Oil on your body, in your hair, on your candles and to anoint your space. 

(Madame’s “Jezebel” Body Conjure Oil)

Use the Jezebel Conjure Spray on your body, in your aura, your clothes, purse and anywhere in your space. It seals the energy of the oil and your intentions. Both the Conjure Oil and Spray are available separately or as a Luxury Bundle in the MADEMOISELLE Collection💋

(Madame’s Jezebel Conjure Spray)

So, if you’re ready to allow your feminine powers to emerge and guide you into your personal Paradise - look no further than Madame’s “Jezebel” Conjure Bundle. You’re welcome!



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