Law-Abiding Citizens…

Law-Abiding Citizens…

It’s usually a story behind every product offering here at The Jambalaya Moon. This "Law Stay Away" Conjure Spray has not only a story, but a piece of significant history and ancestral connection. Firstly, I conjured up this “Law Stay Away” spray to respond to the historical need for Black Americans to protect themselves from the unnecessary force of Law Enforcement. Even as law-abiding citizens…

Let's get personal, family. On numerous occasions, I’ve dealt with the negative energy of a neighbor who is controlled by the demon she feeds with her drug addictions and erratic behavior. As a person with the “complexion” of protection, she has tried and FAILED repeatedly to use her privilege to try and cause harm to me and mines. Even using downright lies and manipulation to fit her delusional narratives. The energies are so potent that I have overheard her admitting to others that she would manipulate law enforcement as she needed to, to get her way. She was hollering on her phone to a completely different individual, saying "And I will call the cops over, and over, and over and over again until I get what I want. I won't stop harassing you until I feel like it." I cannot make this ish up! Now I’m a private practitioner, and my heaviest works stay in-house, but y’all need to know how imperative our work is! Y'all know I had to cast a web of protection (amongst others) around because she admits to not being above lying to the law. This is so indicative of so many others that use law enforcement to harm others, and its a sad reality. However, as we are exiting Hoodoo Heritage Month and entering into the month celebrating Indigenous Peoples, I have to show major love and gratitude to the Ancestors who knew to conjure up this magic. They knew we would need it, that the descendants of those wicked ones who benefit from our oppression would never stop, until they were forced to. I’m also here to FLEX💪🏾 and remind the oppressors that our GODS and DEITIES are more powerful than your lies and manipulation. In order to get the most out of your Madame's "Law Stay Away" Conjure Spray, do the following: 

🔥Three sprays in the front of the home and the back of the home

🔥Spray in your vehicle and on all of your belongings before traveling

🔥Spray 7 times at your front door to quickly remove police presence

🔥 In extreme cases, spray in the path of your enemy (or lying ass neighbors) to prevent them from using law enforcement to falsely accuse and/or imprison you

It's serious. I had to use this spray on more than one occasion to remove police presence from my home (after she had told lies to get them there) and I use it daily to change the narrative of law enforcement in my life. As a Practitioner and a Civilian, the police are public servants. They are to serve and protect; that is their creed and the oath they took. Every time they put on that uniform and badge, it is not to harass or enforce, but to serve and protect. This very special Conjure Spray polices the energy surrounding you in the correct way. Available in the JAMBALAYA HOUSE Collection!

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