Candle Magic with Madame's Fixed Candles

Candle Magic with Madame's Fixed Candles


Candles have been used since Ancient times for a variety of reasons. We use candles to add warm energy to our space, enjoy aromatherapy, set a mood or to set magical intentions. Connecting with the element of fire has proven to be a way to open our senses and spirit up to new experiences and dimensions. Candle Magic is an integral part of the Juju used here at The Jambalaya Moon. Not only are the Fixed Candles Blessed, Dressed and made available to order, intentional candle magic is used to charge several Conjure Oils and items. Intention is everything, but the ingredients used are equally as important. All Conjure (or "Fixed") Candles and items are made with imported roots, herbs and florals. The Indigenous regions that my infusions derive from fuel them with more spiritual power. 

The Fixed Candles found in the HOUSE Collection are designed to burn for 7-9 days in your sacred space. Adding your pure intentions and prayers to your Candle work promotes the environment needed for your desires to manifest. The way the flame burns and the condition of the candle can provide you insight into the energies surrounding your manifestation. For example, we want a high, clean burning flame that leaves little to no residue. This will result in a clear glass candle after burning is complete. This indicates that the intention has been met with no resistance and shall manifest accordingly. Alternatively, a slightly black candle represents certain blockages surrounding the manifestation and this should be taken into consideration. In extreme instances, a candle can burn completely black with residue; representing spiritual gunk. This is when another candle shall be burned with the same intention and a proper reading and/or cleansing should be performed as well. In either event, burning (properly) Fixed Candles is performing spiritual work in your life. Its energetic and spiritual. It's amazing how spending a few days in ritual can literally create real changes in your everyday life. 

(Pictured) - The beautiful + spiritually charged Madame's Ancestral Candle. I highly suggest investing in this candle (and a personal Spiritual Consultation with La Madame) before many other items. It's because this candle's medicine is so deep and necessary. One of the most formal and respectful things we can do when embarking upon our spiritual journeys is connect with our Bloodline. Not just for guidance and protection, but to learn what spiritual and cultural traditions they practiced. I believe that incorporating the customs and traditions of your Ancestors in your practices adds undeniable power to your spells. Why not try and find out? Don't be frightened by your power, or potential. Believe it or not, frequencies and energies run this planet and the Cosmos. In order to take an active role in your life's conditions, you must find your way to tap into the frequency. Candle Magic is an excellent way to take an active role and see physical evidence of the way your intentions are received. But moving along, after you connect deeper with your Bloodline and protect yourself, now it's time to get into sweetening - Glamour, Love Luxury and the like!

Perfect for Prosperity, Glamour, Attraction and Nightlife Gains is the Madame's Bayou Fixed Conjure Candle from the MADEMOISELLE Collection. I dress this candle with the Pomba Gira Conjure Oil, adding some spicy Island magic to the Juju. My suggestion for this candle is setting specific intentions around the aforementioned areas of your life and literally, watch what happens! I am so confident in this candle's power that I encourage clients to light this candle with no petition at all, and allow it to naturally bring them in alignment with their desires. So far, the results have been knockout! What will the MADEMOISELLE Candle aid you in manifesting? 


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