The Power of Secrecy

The Power of Secrecy

Shhhh….be quiet! There’s so much power in the unspoken word. If you look at the flyer above, you’ll notice listed elements to create your “Mood” for this vibration. If you haven’t already, secure a Sensual Journey journal to track your sensual commitments & progress. Plenty of things that you feel the need to express to others will find their way into your notebook or journal. Keeping a closed mouth about your inner thoughts provides spiritual protection and the ease of manifestation. Not everyone needs to know your desires or plans for the future. Quite plainly, not everyone wishes you well. Learning to keep certain things to yourself is a regimen within itself, and when practiced regularly, can provide life-changing results. 
What do these results look like?
 You can expect: the elimination of “obstacles” when manifesting new life situations; stronger bonds in relationships; removal of self-limiting beliefs, a stronger sense of inner peace and more potent spiritual practice. 
Speaking of spiritual practice, Madame Marie LaVeau is pictured above because of her vows of secrecy. To live the life that she did in New Orleans, practicing and becoming “Queen of the Voodoos,” please believe there were plenty of secrets she had to keep safe. Her influence is world-renowned with Spiritualists and she still remains a mystery. Be inspired to keep the secrets of your bloodline and spiritual practice; protect it with pride! 

The Power of Secrecy and the Power of Silence go hand in hand. As it relates to Women’s Mysteries, our secrecy is historically tied to strength, survival and community relations. Our stories, oral traditions and cultural habits make women the fabric of the mystical and supernatural. This includes our ability to keep traditions alive through story telling while simultaneously possessing the discernment to know when to keep (certain) information private. So please, set the mood for this very powerful habit (the Power of Silence) using what I listed above, and anything else you feel necessary. Become comfortable with being the only person knowing your business. As far as the business of others goes, that’s another post for another day (smile). Enjoy your silence, and secrecy.

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