Sensual Relaxation & Elevation

Sensual Relaxation & Elevation

Escape from the ordinary, Goddess. You deserve it! I live most days feeling like I'm on an Island, regardless of the weather outside. I have reached a level of inner paradise that enables me to drift my consciousness and manifest with pleasure. By infusing my daily regimen with my handcrafted Boutique items, I constantly activate and honor my Highest Goddess Sensual Self. But it wasn't always this easy...

I know firsthand the stress that comes with being a working woman, mother, wife, friend and Boss Babe - that is where the inspiration for these Luxurious Bundles come from. We have to carve out special time for ourselves for Sensual Relaxation and Elevation. Without routine and discipline, we are sure to neglect our needs. Let Madame handle that for you with a Monthly Subscription to the Sensual Relaxation Bundles. Every month will be inspired by a Boss Babe theme (Success, Domination, Supreme Self-Love, etc.) for your indulgence. Sit back, relax and await your Ceremonial Oils, Baths, Washes, Yoni Care items and Aura Sprays each month. Start your subscription from the Home Page and let La Madame Sirena handle the rest. Like I said, you deserve it Goddess! You've been working hard Boss Babe and I see you...

See a preview of the Sensual Relaxation Bundles (also available for individual purchase in the BATH + BODY Collection)

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