Sacred Yoni Worship

Sacred Yoni Worship

The term “Yoni” is used to describe the entire spiritual reproductive system of a woman. It’s has Hindu Origin, and represents the manifestation of Divine Feminine Energies. The Yoni is a gateway and a portal to cosmic mysteries. Understanding the Yoni (Womb) as Spirit Consciousness is the first step to healing and realigning ourselves for sensuality and manifestation purposes. Seeing our wombs and sacred areas as places of pleasure, not for others but for ourselves. Seeing our wombs as not just physical vessels, but spiritual and holy grails of existence. Seeing our wombs, is key in our spiritual journeys. Self-Worship, Self-Love and Self-Care are the three pillars to falling into our Womb Consciousness. This spiritual work assists us with understanding our worth, reevaluating our relationships, releasing generational trauma, overcoming physical ailments and maintaining our sacred vibration. It’s totally worth it!
Once you decide to take the step to spiritually heal your womb, performing a Yoni Steam can jumpstart the process. The Steams are an Ancient way to naturally detox and soothe your Yoni. Not only do they spiritually cleanse, they purify the vagina of toxins and bacteria; further preventing recurring infections and general discomforts. The herbal blends used in the steam dictate its best use and effects. The Exotic Yoni Steams found here have 7-9 Caribbean herbs designed to aid with: inflammation, bloating and discomfort, elimination of discharge and odors, regularity of moon cycle and rejuvenation. On a energetic level, my Steams remove unhealed sexual trauma from past lovers and abuse; promoting the overall wellness of your feminine mind, body and spirit. Using a journal to record your feelings and experience during your Womb Healing journey is also imperative, as your journal is a safe space for you to express yourself freely and heal. It also serves as a record of your progress. Along with your journaling, daily maintenance of your sacred space is needed as well. Long gone are the days where you lace yourself or your Yoni with chemical additives that you can’t pronounce. Most store-bought items for Self Care are full of unnatural ingredients that do more harm than good in the long run. If you’ve had any recurring problems with your skin or intimate areas, take a survey of your diet (does it include plenty of water, fruits & vegetables?) and your regimen. Consider a holistic lifestyle change, including all-natural ingredients from everything you put on your skin to most of what you eat. Self-Care items here at The Jambalaya Moon like the Divine Feminine Yoni Oils and Washes, provide a natural way for you to cleanse and care for the most sacred parts of your body. These blends are only infused with flower, herb and fruit essences that are beneficial to your Yoni health. No dyes, colors, chemicals, additives or artificially fragrances are used. These blends were created as I searched for ways to heal my own Yoni, based on my ancestral knowledge and wisdom of herbs and roots. With repeated use and holistic lifestyle changes, I rewrote the narrative for my Yoni and my life. I only make the items that I’m satisfied using on myself available in the Shop. I encourage daily use of the Divine Feminine Yoni Wash and Oils for proper pH balance, prevention of odor and infection, increased tightness and wetness. As a natural being, you owe it to yourself and your Yoni to be natural.

Exotic Yoni Steams, Divine Feminine Yoni Oils, Washes and other Womb Consciousness Products are seasonally available for your wellness and indulgence. Feel free to reach out with questions or comments at

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