Madame’s Simple Love Spell

Madame’s Simple Love Spell

This work is best performed under the New or Full Moon influence.

To add more than just a dash of sweetening passion to your intentions and/or Rituals, you can use this simple spell. Ingredients needed are: Red or Pink Rose Petals, a large Mason Jar, Pure Honey, two Cinnamon sticks, a Jambalaya Moon Love Conjure Oil, a white chime candle, a pink chime candle, a red chime candle, Petition Paper, herbs or roots from near your home.

Start this spell and all spellwork by cleansing yourself thoroughly with an Oshun or Cleopatra Spiritual Bath from The Jambalaya Moon. Gather all of your ingredients while thinking of your intentions. This work can intensify manifestations surrounding: attracting a lover, surrendering to your heart's desires, removing stagnant energies and healing the heart center. Write yourself a nice petition on the Petition Paper and lay that down on your Altar space. Cover this with several rose petals and leave space in the middle for the mason jar top. Place the mason jar top there in the middle, upside down - in that space, add three drops of honey and three rose petals. Then melt the bottom of each of your chime candles so that they can sit upright in the mason jar top (see picture for clarity). Anoint each candle with 7 drops of the Love Conjure Oil by letting the oil drip from the bottle onto the candles. Visualize your intentions and when you feel the fire burning inside, place each Cinnamon stick on the sides of your spell space and surround it with remaining herbs, roots and rose petals. Light your candles and let them burn completely. Once candles have naturally extinguished, gather all spell contents and place them in the mason jar - Petition Paper included. Keep this spell jar "hot" by lighting tealights on top of it (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or burying it in your front yard. Expect to see results within one moon cycle (28 - 35 days). Repeat as necessary. 

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