Lessons from “The Craft” to use today!

Lessons from “The Craft” to use today!

The movie "The Craft" debuted in 1996 and honestly, we haven't had such a cinematic experience since. The combination of an actual Witch Coven, Earth and Nature Worship, High School politics, generational burdens, friendship, jealousy, drama and magic actually makes this movie a prophetic piece of work. I have personally watched the film countless times, but with closer analyzation, I see a connection between the characters and the modern world of the "Craft" today. These young women are classic examples of power-hungry victims; using the magic of the craft in selfish ways without thinking of long-term effects.

This story begins with the arrival of Sarah, a newcomer in a California neighborhood. Let us note that she is the ONLY Natural Witch in this group. The symbolism of the snake that’s presented in one of the opening scenes acts as an omen; an invocation of the powers lying dormant within Sarah. As a Natural Witch (unaware of her potential), she was already naturally an outcast. Her first day at her new school, a girl named Bonnie witnesses Sarah’s link with occultism, watching her defy gravity with her pencil in a classroom scene. Reporting back to her friends (Nancy & Rochelle), it becomes obvious that Sarah is the witch they’ve been looking for. Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie are actively searching for a "fourth" to complete their Circle, needing each one to call corners and complete the cipher. This is a representation of natural law and power, showing the audience the power of Four (4 Seasons, 4 Corners, 4 Directions, etc) and its link to the concept of completion.

Sarah is approached and later taken in by the other outcasts Nancy (played by Fairuza Balk), Rochelle (played by Rachel True) and Bonnie (played by Neve Campbell). After a fateful night with Chris (played by Skeet Ulrich), Sarah is left with no choice but to join forces with the other outcasts of the school; the girls who are seeking her out for her Powers. Like many powerful women, she was targeted and her sexuality was used against her in a manipulative way. Sarah was warned about Chris, as Nancy recalls "I told you he was a jerk. He spreads disease....I know from personal experience." This is another link to the bond they form as Sisters in the Craft, rebelling against "the patriarchy" and the standards of male society. One of the most memorable moments in the film is when the four girls take a field trip on the city bus. They are in unison and attract the attention of young girls traveling on the bus as well as the bus driver, who affectionately says "you guys watch out for those weirdos." I think one of my favorite lines in the movie is when Nancy responds "we are the weirdos Mister!"

After taking blood oaths and creating their Sacred Circle, these witches see a major rise in power. Now, those that have caused them injustices of any sort find themselves in the wrath! Revenge is a dish that is best served cold and these young and (newly) powerful women take full advantage. You can decide whether their work was justified or not. However, they are warned by the only other real Witch in the movie, the spiritual shop owner who says "Anything you put out, you get back times three." The girls admit to never hearing any such advice but, that does not stop them from f*cking around! Things take a very dangerous turn on the night of a school party, where things come to a head. Sarah escaped the possible sexual assault from Chris, whom she put a love spell on (that works tremendously). And another victim of their craft (Laura Lizzie) made a cameo at the party, now more apologetic than racist as she was before. Being taught glamour spells, Nancy is able to transform herself into the image of Sarah to coerce Chris into the bedroom during this party. Once he finds out and declares her a witch, he calls her jealous. Sarah begs Nancy to leave after "scaring the sh*t out of Chris" but Nancy replies "he has to pay!" She then proceeds to use her power to force him out the window and to his untimely death. Tragic! However, Nancy shows no remorse and neither do the other girls in the coven. Whew! Take a breath...

Now Sarah, visibly afraid and unable to control her friends, falls into a sense of helplessness. She allows these women, who only have power through spells and manipulation, to intimidate her into believing that she is the powerless one. She forgot that she was the REAL Witch that taught them most of what they know! They only had knowledge from books, movies and hearsay before Sarah came along and taught them how to really conjure. Sarah's mother was a witch and it was in her blood, naturally. They know this and use this to their advantage, psychologically terrorizing Sarah in the process. It literally becomes a life and death situation for Sarah, where she is isolated and forced to surrender to her Higher Self. Though afraid at first, the spirit of Sarah's mother visits her to remind her who she is and to give her the Ancestral power she needs to fight the fake witches! It was not an easy journey, and she almost attempted suicide before. Understand that today, right now, the modern scene is bursting with ignorant, power-hungry, small-minded individuals who know nothing about the realness of the Craft. I know for a fact that people are using basic spiritual knowledge to try and manipulate the world around them and exact revenge on others. Just like the fake witches in the movie, they work diligently to try and threaten the authenticity of real practitioners. They big themselves up on social media, post Insta-Altars and pose as spiritual gurus, misleading and hustling the ignorant. This post serves not only as a warning to those who know they have malevolent intentions or mental health issues to stop using "magic" when it isn't warranted, but also to know that it all comes back to you. And if not you, it will affect your children and/or bloodline. Chronic illness, sudden deaths and  streaks of bad luck in an entire family, with no natural reasoning, is a spiritual matter and should not be taken lightly. The problem today, is there are hardly any Elders or real gatekeepers to inform others and confirm these spiritual truths. Well here I am, as a vessel for the Ancestors and spiritual realm, telling everyone to take heed to the messages and warnings of this movie. If you remain authentic, you will always be protected by forces stronger than any human on this planet. However, if you are using your spiritual knowledge (or lack thereof) to manipulate or cause harm to others, you will have those same forces of the Universe to answer to. Don't believe me? Check out the fate of Nancy,  Rochelle and Bonnie (the fake witches) versus Sarah, the real one. While their powers are stripped from them and one even lands in a mental institution (see what I mean??), Sarah shows us at the end of the film that she still has command of her power and is not afraid to use it. Shoutout to all the authentic practitioners! 

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