Increasing Sensuality in Your Everyday Life

Increasing Sensuality in Your Everyday Life

1) Love your Body - take extra time to care for and nurture the vessel that you have been blessed with. If you have neglected your exercise routine (or don't have one), are eating foods that make you feel/smell bad and find yourself upset while looking in the mirror, then it's time to make some mental and physical changes. Keep your body active, daily - eat nutrient-rich foods, drink water and limit sugar intake - embrace the shape that you have now and be realistic about changes you want to make, if necessary.

2) Take Care of Yourself  - all of the love and attention you require from or give to others, bring it all inwards. Spend several hours a week doing things that you enjoy. Do not rush through the processes needed for you to function properly (hygiene, meditation, clearing space, etc) or be too eager to please others.

3) Meditate on Pleasure - this is a personal favorite. Spend time with your eyes closed and your mind open; thinking of all of the things that make your heart smile and make you burst with joy. You can also visualize about fantasies and other secret desires that you wish to manifest. Do not be surprised about where your mind can take you!

4) Have a Self-Love Ritual - Oh yes, how sweet Self-Love is. You can create a simple Self-Love Ritual for yourself with Red Roses, love songs, healing crystals and a wine of your choice (optional). You should spend some time unwinding and journaling about how unique and pleasant you are. Pour yourself a bubble bath with either of the Luxurious Bodywashes found in the SENSUAL SKIN, BATH & BODY Collection.

5) Eat Sensual Foods - Delicious and delectable foods like fresh fruit (pineapples, mangos, strawberries, papaya, bananas. kiwi), oysters, chocolate, red wine and anything that makes you feel fine! I enjoy indulging with sensual foods because they fuel your mood to be slowed down, calm and sensual. Have them fed to you for an added sensual effect.

Use these tips to infuse more Sensuality into your everyday life. Take it a step further and dedicate one night a week to your Sensual needs and desires. Book a Sensual Lifestyle Consultation with me to create a customized Sensuality Plan to activate your Highest Goddess Sensual Self. 

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