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The Jambalaya Moon

Sensual Womb Maintenance Divination Session

Sensual Womb Maintenance Divination Session

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An intimate Holistic Coaching + Consulting Session to heal and transform your Sacred relationship with your womb. Includes a personally customized Womb Wellness Plan (PDF) and Luxurious Yoni Bundle (Yoni Steam, Yoni Oil, Yoni Wash, Yoni Spray). Holistic Yoni health is linked to inner peace and pleasure, lighter menstrual cycles, balanced pH aNA flora, more intense orgasms and magical passion. Each Clientele Offering includes a 4-part Coaching Session, with specific guidance and instructions for your journey; exploration of sexual trauma and ancestral influences; daily Yoni maintenance regimens to enhance your sexual spiritual well-being and more (45 - 75 Min. Session).


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