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Sirena’s Supreme ELEVATION Course
Sirena’s Supreme ELEVATION Course

Sirena’s Supreme ELEVATION Course

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This Digital Course serves as a next step to the already sanctioned Practitioner. Designed to take the lessons from the “Wild Woman in Training” Course to tap even deeper into the BAD ASS Underworld BRUJA (Wise Woman) hiding deep down inside. This Special Service includes rigorous spiritual training (a 21-Day Commitment) and actual contact with Ancient Deities.

Course Highlights include: more detailed Altar-Building guidelines, High Conjure practical use, Rootwork Knowledge, Ancestral Connectivity, Protection Work, Moon Ceremony Specifics and more!! Accompanies a Supreme Ritual Bundle, customized for your own needs. Includes two (2) Personal Consultations with La Madame, Course Materials and Supreme Ritual Bundle. (45 Min Consultations + Course Materials + Supreme Ritual Bundle)