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The Jambalaya Moon

Goddess Moon Cycle Bundles

Goddess Moon Cycle Bundles

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Moon Cycle Goddess Bundles

Sensually charged bundles to promote a more pleasurable and divine Moon (Menstrual) Cycle! Elevate your connection with your Divine Feminine Energy with these specialized Yoni Care items. Featuring Oshun Goddess Yoni Steams, Yoni Oils, Yoni Washes and Soap. These holistic items are handcrafted using premium ingredients known for womb wellness. Combine relaxation, healing and adornment of your sacred space.
Includes a complimentary Holistic Yoni Guide with everyday maintenance tips for your feminine health. Each bundle selection is designed to elevate your self-awareness and promote a more positive and self-pampering energy during this sacred time of the month. Lasts for 2-4 menstrual cycles. 


Please allow 7-14 business days for your items to mystically charge and ship to you.

Return policy

Due to the intimate nature of Jambalaya Moon Products, there will be no refunds or exchanges.

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