Sensual Siren VIPs

Sensual Siren VIP Members are the women who are inspired to experience an escape from the ordinary. They are embarking upon a journey of Sensual Relaxation to explore how it can benefit them in life. This is the essential first step to inviting more pleasure, luxury and sensuality into your everyday. A Supreme Sensual Siren is a Goddess who regularly uses Jambalaya Moon Boutique items and embraces pleasure, sensuality and luxury through her Monthly Subscription to Relaxation Bundles. A Sensual Siren Goddess is the highest level VIP Client who has a Monthly Subscription and has fully explored her Goddess Archetype with a Coaching Session with La Madame Sirena! 

The Sensual Goddess Archetypes are 5 Archetypes created by La Madame Sirena to help any woman identify which Goddess energies are present in her life and currently influencing her. The exploration of these Archetypes shows each Goddess her strengths, her current blockages, how to address them and actionable items to be used to create a more pleasurable and juicy life experience! By providing answers to pre-determined questions, you will receive a thorough analyzation of your dominant and secondary Goddess archetypes, what they represent and what it means for you specifically in your life. How useful this information can be as it relates to your life path and life plans. 

How important is Self-Love on this journey? It's the most important - because without that concept, neither of us would be here. A Sensual Goddess is constantly pouring more divine love into herself, the people and situations around her. This is what creates a reality shift using the same elements that have always been present to you! This Self-Love Ritual can be performed any morning, afternoon or evening that you want to invoke your inner Love Goddess energies and celebrate your Sensuality!

A Spiritual Bath Ritual is a way to rejuvenate your senses and auric field, especially in high-stress situations. The Sensual Goddess will have times that she needs to unwind and re-center, especially after a long work day or tending to adult and family duties. These baths use the healing properties of the flowers, herbs, Essential oils and water to create a powerful, energy-shifting ritual item. Provided here are some ideas for spiritual bath components. La Madame Sirena can customize a Spiritual Bath for you, and there are several vibrations available in the SENSUAL BATH + BODY Collection.

To cultivate and maintain your Sensual Goddess energies, creating a Sacred Space to connect with the Divine is essential. No matter if you only have one room or a mansion, you can create this portal for your ascension. Use the things listed above as a guide and let your spirit and creativity move you accordingly. What will result is a beautiful expression of your spiritual journey into activating your Highest Goddess Sensual Self.

Ready to delve deeper into your Sensual Goddess Archetype? Learn about the spiritual and emotional blockages to be addressed and your needs for pleasure and sensuality? This is a Customized Sensual Coaching Session to help you activate and honor your Highest Goddess Sensual Self! Recommended for every Boss Babe ready to fully unleash her badass powers into the world and claim her birthright.

Stay Sweet and Sensual, Sensual Goddess CEO La Madame Sirena