Message from Sirena

The Jambalaya Moon is an Exotic Luxury Boutique, established in 2012 by La Madame Sirena. Our mission is to provide our Clientele with VIP Service, Supreme Wellness and Luxury through lifestyle empowerment. Specialized products and services are focused on Pleasure, Holistic Beauty, Natural Care and Mysticism. 

Law requires me to inform you that all "Fixed" and Conjure items are sold as curios. All Intimate Care Products + Services should not act as a substitute for your Primary healthcare practitioner's advice as it relates to your physical health and overall well-being.

Enjoy Sacred Erotica in the "POSSESSION" Blog and Madame's Mysteries in the "VIBRATION" Blog. 

We'll see you back soon, at The Jambalaya Moon....

Customer Service, Mon - Sat, 9am - 9pm - Email: Phone: 202-743-3902

Local, National Shipping Available. Please allow 5-12 business days for your order to process and ship.