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Message from Sirena

Welcome to Madame's House! The Jambalaya Moon is not only a retail shop, but a Luxury Boutique specializing in products and services to stimulate your spiritual senses. 

I invite you to take yourself on a majestic journey, into the Paradise we call "The Home of the Wild Conjures." The design of the Spiritual Products and Services here are to help empower YOU! As the CEO/Founder of The Jambalaya Moon, I am here to help you provide intention and balance to your Spiritual regimens. Because life is not always easy, and it's not supposed to be. But with the knowledge that we possess the power to change any condition in our lives, there is always a reason to rejoice! 

I urge you to take your time as you browse through the product catalog. All items have a detailed description and some even have instructions for use. Instructions are provided during the time of shipment or pick-up for items requiring them. Law requires me to inform you that all "Fixed" and Conjure items are sold as curios. All "Sensual Supreme Collection" Items including Yoni and Lingum Oils, Butters, Sprays and other intimate products and consultations should not act as a substitute for your Primary healthcare practitioner's advice as it relates to your physical health and overall well-being. Products and Services here are for Pleasure, Mysticism and Holistic Healing. As with all things, you will get out of your experience what you put into it. Please adhere to provided instructions and use your own spiritual intuition when enjoying The Jambalaya Moon's Products and Services. I adore that you have blessed this space with your presence. Please stay for as long as you like, have some tea (or wine) and unwind. Enjoy Sacred Erotica in the "POSSESSION" Blog and Madame's Mysteries in the "VIBRATION" Blog. 

We'll see you back soon, at The Jambalaya Moon....

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