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About The Jambalaya Moon


Welcome! You have been granted Exclusive Access to The Jambalaya Moon (Home of the Wild Conjures). This Luxurious Spiritual Boutique was founded in 2012 and built on the principles of Self Love + Care, Ancestral Wisdom, Earth Medicine and Sex Magic. There are plenty of other businesses to choose from, so I am so grateful for your presence! I can personally guarantee that this business is unlike any space that you have ever experienced.

I invite you to elevate your consciousness and reconnect with your spiritual roots, using the pleasantries found here at The Home of the Wild Conjures. You will find that many of the Product Offerings are inspired by Ancient Deities, this signifies my connection to and respect for the Spirit World. As a Medicine Woman and Priestess, it is duty to be honest, respectful and caring to your healing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me below with any questions regarding my products or services.

A Personal Thank You for visiting this unique and vibrant space. This is an intimate place, not designed for everyone, but indeed for special souls like yourself. I hope you enjoy your stay.

With Warm Love and Eternal Gratitude,

La Madame Sirena