Yoni Magic

Yoni Magic

It's simple, yet  very complex. I'll get right to the point because that's what this month and movement is all about; the magic of the Divine Feminine. Through the female reproductive system (Yoni), we see a portal that connects the cosmic divine to the planet. It is through the woman's vessel that Life is sprang to this Earth. Naturally, this gives her access to divine secrets, intuition, ancestral connection and infinite wisdom. The embodiment of Pussy Magic consists of all of the Holistic vibrations you put into healing your Womb, changing your diet and ultimately changing your Lifestyle to accommodate the blessings of the Divine Mother Goddess. We have to be comfortable with our bodies, our sensuality, our varying moods and ultimately, our Love Below.

I feel as though recognizing the Womb as a spiritual vessel with ties to our minds and hearts, is where the journey begins. We can unlock our own talents and reveal blockages through understanding our wombs better. Paying attention to how our bodies feel, what changes we experience during our Moon cycles and how that compares to the other women in our bloodline, are all practices that keep us more aware of ourselves. Our cultural identities hold keys to the ways we feel about our wombs and ultimately, how we intimately connect with each other. Modifying our daily activities and diet are how we become more in tune with the environments within ourselves and those that surround us. Using the moon and other cosmic cycles as times of empowerment aids us in manifesting new things in our lives. Understanding the Womb as a Power Source is when a woman can tap into her Pussy Magic. It includes several layers of consciousness Self-Love being the bridge that connects it all.

1) Speak to and love your Womb, regardless of what state she may be in at this time. 2) Believe in the ability of your Womb to be healed and to work in unison with you. 3) Spend time doing Self-Love activities and rituals that you enjoy. 4) Set a standard for the way your romantic/sexual relationships will be and stick to it. 5) Create a sacred ritual around honoring your Womb and Divine Sexuality.

The Summer is a perfect time to feel Goddess breathing when you go outside, to soak up the magic of Nature and recognize that magic reflected in Self. The Divine expression of Femininity is so deeply rooted in Nature that you will notice endless parallels. From the cycles of the Moon that mimic the menstrual cycles of women. To the fruit and flowers that are shaped like women's bodies and have health benefits for the Yoni (berries, cantaloupes, cherries, etc). To the intuition which stems from a woman's connections with water deities...we are perfect reflections of Mother Nature. And as a result, we celebrate the magic that naturally resides between our thighs...as well as our eyes. Welcome to the Month of Pussy Magic @ The Jambalaya Moon!

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