While traveling, you need to have your Juju with you! You’ll be surrounded by new energies and a new environment and I say that it’s more than imperative to keep your spiritual practice intact. Above is an actual photo from my travels to the Beach. With the world opening back up, travel is more common. When you find yourself booking that trip, be sure to pack up more than your bathing suit, lotion and deodorant. Here are some Travel Essentials from the Boutique to keep you fresh, spiritually aligned and open to luxurious experiences. Let’s reference the picture above and explain each product and why it’s an essential. From left to right:

- Yemoja Mermaid Body Conjure Oil (this grown + sexy blend smells awesome and promotes a deep state of peace and luxury for your getaway)

- Divine Feminine Yoni Oil (to keep your Yoni fresh, anointed and ready, especially if it’s a Baecation!)

- Divine Feminine Yoni Wash (a daily refresher for your intimate parts, perfect to use before the Oil)

- Aloe Vera Rejuvenating Face Wash (to keep your skin free of impurities and your face naturally glowing all day)

- Madame’s “Sugar Baby” Conjure Oil (another potent layer of abundance and luxury to add to your daily regimen, to attract rich experiences

- Madame’s Love Potion Conjure Spray (to add another layer of sweetening Love vibrations to your environment)

In addition to these items, it’s also essential to cleanse yourself spiritually before and after traveling. That’s right, give yourself a nice Jambalaya Moon Herb Bath before your travels and then again once you return. The POMBA GIRA Domination Herb Bath is the perfect combination of cleansing, protective and road-opening essences; suited for travel. Available exclusively in the MADEMOISELLE Collection. 

Sometimes, a getaway is all you need…

Find the “Baecation” Bundle in the MADEMOISELLE Collection. This Bundle is specifically designed for those special getaways, with that special someone. Includes the Mademoiselle Signature Conjure Oil + Conjure Spray, the Divine Feminine Yoni Oil and Yoni Wash. Use the Mademoiselle Oil & Spray to keep yourself spiritually renewed with a tropical fragrance all over. As for the Yoni Oil and Wash, well you already know why you’ll be keeping those in rotation! 

King Dreams! You know we got you covered as well. Any of the Bundles from the KING Collection will provide you with your everyday glow and a boost of confidence, to feel at your best during your entire getaway. Pictured above is the Royal Luxury Bundle, featuring the:

- King Dream Beard, Body + Intimate Wash (for head-to-toe freshness, alignment and clarity

- King Dream Beard + Body Oil (to moisturize, align and attract the richest of experiences

- King Dream Beard + Body Butter (for a deeper and penetrating shine + to layer the Royal Juju

So baby, get ready for that road trip, flight or destination cruise and as always, take your Juju along with you! The Jambalaya Moon’s Collections have you covered — head to feet! 

La Madame Sirena, CEO/Founder 


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