The Beauty Ritual

The Beauty Ritual

Holistic Beauty consists of daily and nightly activities that promote your glow from the inside out. Put quite plainly, it's a lifestyle thing! A Beauty Ritual includes the bridging of the spiritual and material worlds so you can see and feel the power of your manifestations. Did you know that Sacred Beauty is one of your super powers? Yes! And though society may portray a false narrative around beauty and all of her indulgences, the Goddess within wishes to stand firmly in her regal and natural beauty.

The first step to natural beauty is to surround yourself with things that make you feel beautiful. We can start in nature, where we find flowers, plants, animals and bodies of water that calm, soothe and transform our energy. Bringing the beauty of Nature in the home is as simple as having a fresh flower bouquet, live plants and meditation music that mimics the great outdoors. All of these raise the vibration of the home and promote a relaxing and free-flowing energetic field in the home. This sets the tone for any Beauty Ritual in your Sanctuary.

Using the flower petals, plant essences, candles and a small space, you can create portals that serve as a connection to Divine Feminine Energy. In this particular instance, Madame's Wild Hibiscus Beauty Oil can be used to anoint your hands and forehead (pineal gland) to connect you with the Hindu Goddesses (Lakshmi and Parvati) of Love, Beauty, Abundance and Glamour/Illusion. You should play light meditation music to put yourself in a trance-like mood as you visualize your inner beauty manifesting in physical form(s) from head to toe.

Once you've connected with the Beauty and Love Goddesses, adorned your space and basked in the realization that you are a divine embodiment, it is now time to ritualize your magic! Using the mirror(s) for guidance, visualize your face being surrounded by golden or white light. Allow yourself to breathe in the rejuvenating powers of Goddess and renew your mind, body and Spirit. 

Now you can bathe your body with your Jambalaya Moon Body Conjure Wash, Herb Bath or any other divine soap of your choice. Once your body is clean, you can now prepare for your eternal glow up! 

- Wash your face with the Aloe Vera Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser and let your face dry naturally 

- Add 3-5 drops of the Madame's Wild Hibiscus Beauty Oil to your (clean) hands and rub together three times

- Apply the Holistic Beauty Oil to your face, beginning near your jawbone and move your hands upward in a circular motion

- Affirm "I am one with the Love and Beauty that created me. I am a magical manifestation of the Love and Beauty that created me. I shall never part from the Love and Beauty that created me. I multiply, times a million, the Love and Beauty that created me."

- Spray face with Rosewater to cool skin (daytime) and to retain moisture (nighttime)

- Repeat this Ritual as necessary daily and nightly to connect with your inner Love ad Beauty and to naturally shine! Ase!

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