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SUPER Conjure Mama

I'm saying, when you get deep into your grooves, the Ancestors just start to whisper into your ear. Pretty soon, you find yourself wondering if they've always been there, and were you just too scared to listen. My best reminiscent energy is that of Harlem Jazz playing and the slender hallways of Brownstones. The smell of fish frying as the faint breeze blows by. I feel those spaces and I tend to go deeper, just to see what my bloodline is all about. I love to hear the pastor yells, the screams and shouts! I also hear the babies crying, the moans and pouts! And still, the Ancestors come to whisper in MY ear. How do my Ancestors feel? What is my bloodline all about?

In complete transparency, I created this Conjure Oil Blend not really thinking it would surmount to what it is. I mixed infusions that had been brewing for years; full of love, passion, grief and tears. It transmuted the experiences of my blood into a single potion that prompted me to create an entire Luxury Bundle, designed for Wild Women (Madame's Wild Woman Conjure Bundle). And though I had taken trips before, I had no idea how far on the "wild side" this SUPER Conjure Oil was going to take me. I used one dose, a day before my roads to connectivity opened more than ever before. From toe to head, I applied my Signature Wild Woman SUPER Conjure Blend and focused on what I needed. After my affirmations, I went on with my day. Later that evening, I was up later than usual, sitting outside and absorbing the magic codes from nature. I never knew what Sunday morning would bring.

I woke up with the Ancestors heavy on my mind. I felt as if they were right there, standing on my shoulders. I reached out to every Elder in my family and I finally saw the deep connections that we all share. Suddenly, their earthly transgressions no longer mattered, in the grand scheme of things. I needed to praise them, dance for them, care for them, let them know that I was grateful to be a part of their legacy. I shed tears for my most recent Ancestor, Celestine Bright. I cried and felt like I was able to mourn her in ways that I couldn't before. To me, her homegoing service was very swift and I was unable to process all of my feelings. In short, I set up an array of candles, offerings and luxury for my Ancestors. This is a practice that is regular for me, however, the blood flowing through my veins felt more potent than ever before. I had a headrush like no other and was forced to lay down to rest. After about an hour of rest, a shower with the Madame's "Psychic Headwash" Shampoo and an anointing of Madame's Psalm 23 Oil, I was back and better than ever.  I had no more spiritual "gunk" weighing me down and the messages from Spirit were coming through crystal clear. I felt so overwhelmed with love that I couldn't even make room for negative thoughts.

"What happened to me? What promoted this shift?" Were some of the probing questions that I asked myself as I sat at my altar later. Being who I am, I needed to understand why.  I needed to understand what contributed to my "turn up." Thinking back, I remembered me using the SUPER Conjure Oil Blend for the first time. And then it clicked! This concoction that had been in my possession for the past three weeks, is powerful beyond words. Although I knew that this blend was designed for Love Attraction, Prosperity, Spiritual Communication and Protection, I had no idea that it would prompt such a swift quantum leap in regards to my spiritual growth. I'm sure I'll take the leap a bit further and use it as a bath Conjure the next time around. The Oil can be used directly on your body (apply from toe to head), on your scalp, in your baths, floorwashes and anywhere that needs anointing and healing. I urge you, when you're ready, to invest in the SUPER Conjure Oil and the other luxuries of the Wild Woman Collection. Be bold, honor your Ancestors and take a walk with them on the wild side that will leave you a better and more calculated Conjure Woman. Ase!

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