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Sugar Babies & Stuff 💕

Ain’t life sweet? If you disagree, it doesn’t have to be like that honey. And you can make life even sweeter with your thoughts, intentions and investing into your “SUGAR BABY” Collection Items from The Jambalaya Moon. But first, let’s break it down….

A Sugar Baby is a person, usually a woman, who is open to using her charm and powers of persuasion to receive expensive gifts, trips and experiences. I personally like to use the “SUGAR BABY” Juju to sweeten my aura and to open my energy to receiving from multiple sources. Layering the intention by using the Bodywash in my Spiritual bath (or shower), using the Conjure Oil on my body and lighting my candle on my altar creates fast results. You’ll notice how eager strangers are to help you in random public places or how you’re catching the eyes of some wealthy suitors. Indulge baby, you’re attracting all the SUGAH! I also suggest using this blend before interviewing for a new position or advancing your personal pursuits in any way. It’s also most effective when manifesting a new lover or worshipper. For any affairs of the heart and finances — a dose of Sugar Baby will never hurt. It’s a way to keep your frequency so sweet that you remember why worrying is simply no good for you. You’re a master manifestation Queen! Be joyful, have rich experiences and receive your pleasure without guilt. The “SUGAR BABY” Vibration is about pure luxury and elevation. Making yourself comfortable with beautiful things and lavish surroundings. So what are you waiting on? Get your Collection Items today! 
*Conjure Oil, Bodywash and Fixed Candle. Fixed Candles will be back in stock late September. 

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