Madame's "Bayou Water" Ritual Bath

Madame's "Bayou Water" Ritual Bath

Ritual Baths are a part of indigenous traditions that include using herbs and roots from Mother Earth to bless and heal any condition. This particular bath is my Signature Blend, made right here in the Sanctuary. It's a XL Mason Jar, filled with Magnolia and rose flower petals, dried rosebuds, cinnamon, clove, Jamaican flowers, bay leaves and three (3) other special ingredients. It's infused with sweet and holy perfumes, then charged under the Moon - making it even more potent!

It's "Fixing" is best used for new beginnings including but not limited to: attracting more or new money from your business and clients, new career changes, new relationships, a new mindset and/or new plan of action or to add fresh and new energy to any condition. Can especially be used as a Floorwash to promote relocation and should be used to "bless" your new home space as well. Each order comes with enough herbs to create 2 baths, each to be used or 7 days each. You can also use 1/2 the jar to make one bath for a Super-Infusion of positive energy. Repeat affirmations and add perfumes

To prepare your Ritual Bath/Floorwash, you will need: a large pot + lid for the stove, an herb strainer, (or a large spoon with small holes), a large pitcher, quiet time, a bathtub or empty water bottle, a mop and bucket (for Floorwashes).

1) Hold your Mason Jar filled with your Bayou Water herbs and speak your intentions into the infusion. Fill the large pot with the contents of 1/2 of the Mason Jar. Cover the herb mixture with water, filling about 3/4 of the pot up.

2) Place the pot on the stove and again, speak more of your intentions over the Bayou Water, visualizing your manifestations occurring. Place the stove between medium and high heat.

3) Allow the special herb mixture to come to a VERY slight boil - immediately remove it from the stove and cover it with a lid. 

4) Let the mixture steep overnight or at least for four hours.

5) Grab your pitcher and herb strainer (or spoon) and remove the lid from the herbal infusion. Place the strainer over the pitcher and slowly pour the herbal bath from the large pot into the pitcher, allowing the strainer to catch all of the herbs. Alternatively, if you are using a spoon, you will need to somehow mimic the above process, using the spoon as a strainer for the herbs. Or you may literally scoop the herbs from the water mixture (this is a more timely and messy process - an herb strainer is recommended).

6) Use your Blessed Bayou Water to add to your bathwater to aid you in your Ritual Bath. Add a drop of the Jambalaya Moon Psalm 23 Oil and recite the 23rd Psalm as you sit in the tub. Visualize your manifestations, stay in the tub for 7-15 minutes. 

7) Dry yourself off after your bath and anoint yourself with Jambalaya Moon's Psalm 23 Oil or any other Holy Oil. Dress in light clothes (preferably white or light colored) and continue your Ritual. Repeat as necessary.

7A) As a Floorwash: first, sweep and mop your floor with your regular cleaning solutions, open your windows and let them air dry. Prepare your "Fixed" Bayou Water by adding 1/2 the pitcher of water to your bucket and adding equal parts water. Visualize your desires before you begin to mop all hard surface floors in the home. To move stagnant energy away from the home/business; mop the floors from back to front and out the front door. To bring new blessings into the home/business; mop the floors from the front of the home to the back. It's suggested that you first work from the back of the home to the front, to first remove any lingering energies. You can then work in reverse to bring the new blessings into the home. Let your floors air dry, close your windows and light a Peace incense, or an Incense of your choice. Dispose of the Bayou Water by pouring it into the Earth. Repeat as necessary.

As with all spiritual work, intention is everything! The truth is, you CREATE your Vibration. Stay Holy, Stay Sweet, Stay Aware. Pictured below you'll see the Psalm 23 Oil, mentioned several times with the Bayou Water Instructions. It's pictured below. 

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