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Body & Conjure

The concept of Conjuring is the notion of manifesting; using the elements and tools available to you at that time. That includes a very important element as well, your spiritual body. 

Body Conjure Products from The Jambalaya Moon are designed to help you use ALL of yourself when manifesting, promoting desires from an authentic source within. The most famous of these creations are the Body Conjure Oils - which are already "fixed" with the infusions needed for its use. Whether you are working on a Love Conjure for yourself or someone else, need to attract more money/business, need protection from enemies at work or have taken on some generational healing, there is a Body Conjure Oil for you!

Traditionally, we add "fixed" and conditioned oils to our herb baths, floorwashes, candles and any other sacred area where we are doing our "work." You are encouraged to do all of the aforementioned, and to take it up a notch by putting the Oils on your physical being. Every Conjure Oil infusion is delicately handcrafted with only pure essences and other natural ingredients, making it safe enough to use from head to toe.

Add some drops of the Caribbean Oshun or Erzulie Flambeau Body Conjure Oils to your hair, wrists and neck before stepping out and watch how you capture any room! Or use the Black Panther Body Conjure Oil before family gatherings to garner the wisdom of your Bloodline/Ancestry. Use the Prosperity Body Conjure Oil before important meetings to increase your earning potential and negotiations. Or use the Yemoja Specialty Body Conjure Oil, layered with the Caribbean Body Conjure Spray for an ultimate layer of luxury, abundance and prophetic vibrations. You can capture your needs, all in the breeze. I say, all you have to do is be intentional with your Jambalaya Moon Products and believe! Watch the blessings work.

"Blessed Be" - a phrase that I say was coined by the Spiritual Godmothers of the Enlightened community. We say this to remember that all of our words hold power, and that existence is what it is! But we always have the ability to change certain things at our will, using the elements that are already present. And the present is a gift so - Blessed Be!

The "Blessed Be" Conjure Sprays are a classic! Infused with Magnolia, Rosewater, Cinnamon and other citrus elements, this Conjure Spray is a knockout. I encourage its daily use for psychic protection, clarity, increased communication with Angels/Spirit Guides, emotional healing, road opening, Self-Love work, prosperity and Ancestor veneration. And, the uplifting fragrance reminds you of your grandmother's prayers. It's an All-Purpose blend that is a must-have for anyone who works with the other side. Blessed Be...

All in all, there is no limit to the magic that you can create in your own life. The enhancements provided by Jambalaya Moon Products give you an advantage because of the time, energy and POWER that they are blessed with. Connect the dots, and make more of your spiritual and physical movements aligned with your Higher Self. Using Body Conjure Oils and Sprays, layered with other necessities here, gears you up for those BIG life changes, needed for us to fulfill our destinies. I don't just speak to speak, but from actual experience. Adding more of my physical intention and Body Conjure Products to the work that I do gives me that extra boost that reminds me that I'm not regular. I was never made to be! And neither were you, that's why you're reading this post. Go ahead and tap in...the Body Conjure Collection Items are waiting for you. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions via Blessed Be!

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