Voodoo Love Eclipse

Voodoo Love Eclipse

May the nectar of the Gods refresh me…resurrect me! For a long time, I’ve been feeling this burst coming. I could feel the Egun brewing—something sweet and savory, with spicy undertones. Cayenne pepper desires, kept me on fiyah!

“Voodoo Love is Hot” she would say to him, right before she lay with him. And her love was warmer than that of peach cobbler slices that melted vanilla ice cream in Louisiana kitchens. The mistress…of ceremonies!

“And monies.” Currency, flows so easily. (Don’t forget!) May the changes here now bring the fruit from which we have labored. The seeds planted are to be reaped—with great benefits—beyond our wildest dreams and imagination.

Sweeter than cool watermelon cubes on a 75 degree day in the backyard with Frankie Beverly and Maze playing. Even sweeter than the smell of honeysuckles combined with morning dew. Sweeter than a plate of Mississippi yams with extra syrup; stirred by an elder of Rootwork.
Sweeter than my cayenne desires...those which kept me on fiyah!

Falling into layers of purpose, velvety figures speak to me through the cigar smoke I blow. Young Priestess, I know. And yet still I move slow. Methodical in my magic, in my habits and very timely when I grab it.

The Eclipse…the Magic Mirror…the bursting reflections! Defeated are half-truths and killers of mi youth (stress). The cycles; ancestral and lunar and the moon is my moon: Leo. Lioness. Today, we set the fires ablaze for the next eon. And finally Mama, we can rest a little.

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