The Morning After

The Morning After

My “Morning After” Breakfast is a gentle way to recharge after a long evening of passion and/or fried foods! Once we become more aware of our body and its needs, we take necessary steps to take care.

This breakfast is easy to make, consisting of grapefruit slices, strawberries, blackberries and peppermint tea. Feel free to use oranges in the place of grapefruit and any variation of berries. You can add melons for extra hydration, as melons consist of over 90% water. Let's talk about the benefits of such ingredients after a long night. The grapefruits and/or oranges work to detox the gut and help with digestion. If your stomach is sensitive as mine, these fruits can work wonders for you. Grapefruit consumption also promotes healthy skin collagen and weight management, so consider adding it to your regular morning regimen. Peppermint has long been known to soothe the tummy and that's why we add it here. Not only will it refresh you , it will also give you a needed energy boost. I sometimes end up making myself two cups of mint tea because it's so refreshing, especially when dressed with a bit of pure honey. Strawberries, Blackberries and Blueberries are wonderful for reproductive health and restoring nutrients. Those benefits are self-explanatory, eat up! 
The combination of fresh fruit & herbs in this light breakfast naturally rejuvenates the skin, lubricates the body and reduces inflammation. This is a perfect pick-me-up for anytime, but especially following "one of those nights!" 

💫 Bonus Tip: Soak in a Jambalaya Moon Herb Bath + use any Jambalaya Moon Conjure Oil and Spray to remove any spiritual debris and spiritually cleanse from head to toe. I hope you enjoy and make good use of my "Morning After" Simple Breakfast Recipe. Holistic & Intentional Living.

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