The Afro-Brazilian Road Opener

The Afro-Brazilian Road Opener

Mama POMBA is easily one of my favorite deities; to both work with and honor. Her Juju and medicine gives me permission to push myself past the limits I have created for myself, both in my mind and spirit. She is unapologetic about oher desires and has no problem working or moving things around to get what she wants. She embodies the expression "do not ask permission, only ask forgiveness if necessary."

I was introduced to POMBA during my continuous study and practice of Afro-Caribbean Spirituality. She is found in the pantheon of Afro-Brazilian spirits and is compared to the likeness of Elegua or a Trickster Spirit. Western scholars have never fully comprehended the complexity of our history or spiritual systems. Papa Legba (Voudon)/Legba (Santeria) became associated with the devil or demonic energy because of the duality that he represents. POMBA is seen as the female version or wife of Elegua because of her ability to move swiftly between worlds, open roads and maintain balance in the spirit world and on Earth. She is sometimes even depicted with devil horns, furthering this notion. 

POMBA should be summoned for Shadow Work, removing doubts and obstacles, for new money opportunities and any nightlife activities. She enjoys crude humor, cigars, certain liquors, perfumes and seductive music. I feel that she is selective about whom she works with and this is because her juju is so powerful and potent. This should not discourage you from working with her energy. When you need a sincere boost of self-confidence and have been way too hard on yourself, POMBA can bring you right up out of that funk! To learn more about working with her, erecting an altar for her and allowing her into your life; indulge in her Bombshell Collection items or the POMBA Goddess Rootwork Offering!

POMBA GIRA Collection Items and Sessions Available exclusively in the SENSUAL MADEMOISELLE Collection.

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