Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Welcome to the Spring season, darling! I’ll be truthful in saying that I’m biased because this is honestly one of my favorite times of the year. Prepare yourself and your family for new blessings with these simple household cleaning methods that I’ve learned throughout my practice and from the Elders, all while using the luxury Boutique items! A clean home is essential to a clear mind, heart and spirit. Home is where the heart is…

We start by gathering the items we need to begin our spiritual cleansing. Before any ritual, I suggest anointing yourself with prayer and positive intentions; your mindset has more power over any situation than anything else. You’ll also need Sage, Palo Santo or another smudgable Herb; a new broom; Madame’s Blessed Bayou Water; Madame’s Psalm 23 Prayer Oil; your Bible and your breath.
I suggest performing this cleaning on a Sunday, however any day of the week will work.
Begin by opening all the windows in your home to provide an outlet for any stagnation. Sprinkle some of Madame’s Blessed Bayou Water (or Florida Water) on the edges of the broomsticks before sweeping your home from front to back. If you own a multi-level home, then sweep from bottom floor to top floor, and then out the door. This step removes debris and trapped energies from the corners of your home. Also sweep your steps and your front porch. Once complete, sprinkle the corners of your home with the Blessed Water while citing “I invite peace, blessings and abundance into my home.” Go to each doorknob in the house and anoint it with Madame’s Psalm 23 Conjure Oil (or any sweetening Conjure Oil) from the Boutique. While doing this, visualize a white light surrounding your aura to amplify your intentions. This simple ritual will lift any lingering energies from your home that need to be removed and promote an environment of love, wisdom and spiritual peace. Continue to open your windows regularly, speak positive affirmations over your home and smudge your space as necessary for maintenance. Always treat your home as your Sacred Sanctuary and it shall provide all the spiritual comfort you need. 

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