Spiritual Streets (Pt. 1)

Spiritual Streets (Pt. 1)

"Damn Papi you a rare-y...no comparing...and it's mafuckin' scary!" - Doja Cat (Streets - Silhouette Remix)

These are lyrics that can help to explain the sentiments between mystical women and men from less traditional walks of life. The deep connection is found in the allure that both these parties share; a divine connection to the unknown. Alchemists in their own forms, truly spiritual women and real Warriors find a passion in each other that is unmatched. And yes, it can become very scary. The adrenaline rush - the intense emotions - the need for something more to believe in - meshed in between the street lights, the sage smoke, the lit candles and the bedsheets. She (The Healer) and He (The Warrior) can easily fill each other's holes and voids. The energy exchange is rooted in what they provide for each other. So take a moment to think...

Are you a mystical woman that finds yourself or that once found yourself intrigued and attracted to men that are affiliated with the streets? Does the unapologetic demeanor, street smarts and big d*ck energy of these men find a fast way into your heart? What is it that these men provide for you? More importantly, what do these men show (and tell) that you provide for them?

In my studies and experience, I have found that on a metaphysical level: She provides spiritual medicine and wisdom while he provides protection and direction. Equally balanced, this can become a recipe for an intense but easygoing love affair with big potential. However, when unbalanced with childhood trauma, exaggerated survival mode instincts, overstimulation and trust issues, the relationship can call for a very emotionally turbulent ride. Thing is, one or most of the aforementioned elements are present in the lives of those who grew up in urban areas. Even those raised in the suburbs are subject to these elements. This makes the mission of both the Bruja (Spiritual Women) and Warrior (Street Man) clearer, yet more difficult. 

The Warrior may naturally take on both the physical and spiritual battles of his woman. And She will find solace in keeping his secrets and showing him the art of spiritual war. Because their backgrounds can be both similar and alike, at the same time, they will always have experiences to share with one another. Conversations that last into the wee hours of the morning are a norm for these two. As well as an unspoken connection that others may not comprehend, even when they are in the same room as these two. The Healer and the Warrior have a communication style that they themselves create - its almost synonymous with their own language. In the most trying of times, it is the essence of this connection and unspoken communication that will remind them just how much they need each other, on both their individual and collective journeys together. It is in this stage of intimacy that they may both find challenges that they have never experienced before. In Part 2, we will explore the generational/soul challenges that these couples can and will face once they make the commitment to be together....

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