Sensual Yoni Care

Sensual Yoni Care

I have to start any discussion about Yoni Care with the mention of lush womb fruits. Fruit is so rejuvenating and healing for the womb, providing the body with only natural sugars, antioxidants and tons of vitamins and minerals. Some of my favorite fruits for womb care are blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, oranges, melons, pineapple and bananas. Each of the fruits listed provide the aforementioned properties and can help you to heal other ailments as well. If you don’t prefer fresh fruit; smoothie combinations using these fruits, natural honey and powdered supplements (sea moss, slippery elm, etc) will also suffice. Don’t forget to add fresh kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and other leafy, green vegetables to your diet as well. These help to naturally lubricate your insides and remove toxins and odors. 
The Divine Feminine Yoni Wash is found in the Sensual Intimates Collection and works like a jewel! It’s especially effective against recurring bacterial vaginosis, vaginal dryness and any other symptoms as a result of imbalanced pH. Daily use of the Yoni Wash or Soaps helps to eliminate harmful bacteria, promotes a healthy pH balance and thoroughly cleanses with a gentle scent. There’s no need to douse your Yoni with heavy perfumes or soaps. A clean and natural diet, coupled with a lightly scented mild soap like my Divine Feminine Yoni Wash is ideal for yoni care maintenance. 
The Exotic Yoni Steams are special because they have ancient origins; steeped in divine feminine wisdom and healing. Yoni Steams are meant to energetically and spiritually rejuvenate your mind, spirit and womb through the use of powerful herbs, intention and water activation. The Steam from the infusion is what is absorbed in the Yoni, allowing her to fully embrace needed healing. My first Steam was followed by a flood of tears from deep within me, signifying the release of toxic energies that were still laying dormant in my womb. Thank Goddess for that release! I provide my personal testimony because I know the power of trauma release and the power of my Yoni Steams. I know that each woman can find a way to enjoy the orgasmic feelings and spiritual benefits that come from reconnecting to her own womb spirit. Steams are a gateway to deeper pleasure and abundant satisfaction; as we tend to hold trauma in our hips. In addition to these steams, I want to mention Sacred Movement as an important pillar in womb healing as well. Gyrating your hips while visualizing your healing is a powerful way to break free from any stagnant energy in your hips, lower back, abdomen and ultimately, your womb space. Decluttering your mind, aligning your heart with love and connecting with the consciousness of your womb center is a powerful tool for a new life reality. Yoni Steams help us to quantum leap towards our desires.
Divine Feminine Yoni Oils are a daily maintenance need for a healthy Yoni. The Caribbean herbal infusion used in my oil blend help to regenerate cells, skin and pleasure points. I suggest using Madame’s Yoni Oils for Womb Massages, Foreplay, for natural lubrication and to forge a deeper connection with your Yoni. It’s an act of love to use these Yoni Oils, and your Womb will thank you!

All items available exclusively in the Sensual Intimates Collection.

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