Ritualizing Your Experiences

Ritualizing Your Experiences

Finding the time to care for yourself properly can be somewhat of a challenge these days. We are bombarded with responsibilities. bills and the demands of a modern life. While we enjoy plenty of conveniences, we have sacrificed much of our own mental health, spiritual grounding and knowledge of herbal medicines. Headaches and mental strain are chalked up to "grinding," consciousness of the unknown is labeled as "conspiracy" and pharmaceutical companies have replaced the need for the personal responsibility of our own healing. But fret not, Spiritual Baddie! The olde ways have not left us, they've jus been a bit modernized and are a little harder to find. Through indigenous practices and the use of Earth ingredients, you will learn how ritualizing your experience with anything can be a life-changer. There's an energetic shift that can be felt when you are intentional about the bathwater you run, the ways in which you moisturize your body, how you style your hair and the sprays you adorn yourself with. You can layer Conjure Bodywashes, Spiritual Baths, Sweetening Sugar Scrubs, Luxury Oils, Whipped Body Butters and Aura Sprays to create desired effects. Top that all off with a Fixed Candle, Spiritual Floorwash and any Sensual Decor Collection Spray for continued manifestation power. Although I put very potent energy into all of my creations, the key is to be intentional when using the products, so that they best connect to your energetic field. This is what aids you in experiencing real results with the boutique items. 

The Yoni Worship Bundle (pictured above) is a perfect offering of luxurious self-care items. You begin this intentional work by making an affirmation about your Yoni health. For example "I am creating a more divinely sensual relationship with my womb and my divine feminine energy." These words can be recited while preparing your Yoni Steam. Benefits of a Yoni Steam include: removal of stagnant energies and old menstrual blood, relieves bloating, promotes a balanced pH, soothes irritation and inflammation, increases pleasure and sensual awareness, amongst other things. Every woman's experience is going to be different. However I suggest using Yoni steams after each monthly cycle, passionate evening and/or every 2-3 weeks for maintenance. 

Along with steaming, I suggest using the Divine Feminine Yoni Wash at least once daily for best results. This nourishing, herb-infused blend is gentle and deeply cleansing. It removes unnatural odor and helps to promote a healthy pH balance as well. (It is suggested that you have your partner use same or the King Dream Intimate Wash to keep both bodies' pH balanced). When used right after the Yoni Steam, it helps to continue with the removal of the aforementioned.

The final step in your Yoni Ritual Regimen is the Divine Feminine Yoni Oil. This is an aged and potent blend that serves as the base for all other Yoni Care items here at The Jambalaya Moon. It includes 9 different Island-inspired herbal and root blends. meant to naturally heal and increase sensual pleasure. This oil should be used daily after bathing and at night to divinely nourish your womb space. It should also be used as a natural lubricant and before sensual play to enhance orgasms and sensations. 

What I provided is one example of layering your intentions to create a Ritualized experience with your Jambalaya Moon Boutique items. Feel free to use your items in conjunction with each other to achieve desired results, over and over again!

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