Holistic Yoni Guide

Holistic Yoni Guide

Welcome, Boss Babe! Let's get personal and speak about something that I am very passionate about: Holistic Yoni Care. After suffering from several unnatural issues "down there," I began to take an active role in my healing and sexual wellness years ago. I discovered through lifestyle modifications and the Sacred treatment of my Womb, I possess the power to change my life.

You too possess this natural ability, Goddess. Focusing on your divine sensuality, desires, passions and blockages that need to be addresses puts you steps closer to activating your Highest Goddess Sensual Self! Let's explore some basic everyday techniques to keep our womb spirit, heart and mind aligned with our Divine Feminine essence. 

Now, onto the fun stuff! How do we maintain and enhance our cosmic connection to our womb and the infinite power she holds? Through Intentional Meditation, Womb Journaling (get a Womb Journal!), acknowledging our pure desires and keeping ourselves anointed with Jambalaya Moon Intimate Items.

Overall, Holistic Yoni Care is a must for the Sensual Boss Babe! Our wombs connect to the emotions we experience, the way we perceive our reality, our magnetic/attraction powers and sexual pleasure. Everyday, work towards creating and maintaining a more sacred connection to your womb's energy and all of her functions. The treasures waiting for us to are priceless.

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