Caribbean Love Goddess

Caribbean Love Goddess

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I find solace in love stories, fresh flowers, sweet honey kisses and whispered promises under the Moonlight. I crave exploration of foreign places with waterfalls to make love under. From the sweet sunrise in the morning to the abyss of the night, I find life to be savory, sweet and full of textures that I adore.

The deeper I trance into the primitive soul consciousness, the more I can see how much we forgot. Taught to be dissatisfied with life's conditions; no matter how irrelevant. I remembered that the wind blowing sends a shiver up my spine, the rain brings my love down and the bright moon invites my inner monsoon.

I stare deep into the layers of my lovers, each time more inspired by the way their life story has shaped them. Shall we celebrate? Each day and each night is a private party as I teach to and learn from, these lovers.

Each mistress, each kiss, each stroke, each bite--more tender to the touch. Juices that run down the chin of those that relish in the mango and papaya flavors of a Caribbean Love Goddess. Those she calls to her bosom, to remember the delicacies of good company. Those she calls to her bosom, to remember the nurturing, explosive energy of a woman. Those she calls to her bosom, to remind herself that tears can run down her eyes in ecstasy and pleasure.

So delicious that birds sing as I arrive, flowers bloom at my touch, trees whistle to me their wisdom, so on and so forth.

So delicious that thugs dream of her at night, women wish to taste just a drip of her essence, for she marvels the world with her delectable beauty and angelic voice. And they wonder the secrets, the mystery behind the magic. For everything she touches is transformed into honey, love, currency.

Could it be, because she saw the entire world around her as a delicious place? And everyday, she made herself a delicious plate? Sometimes eating from the hearts of men, other times, from the sounds of the rain against her windowpane.

Life here is delicious. Deliciously insane....

La Madame Sirena.

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