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Welcome to the Pleasure Realm...

Sweet and delightful, I relish in the pleasure realm. To me, life is all about experiencing pleasure, in all of its forms. It's also about surrounding yourself with luxury, beauty and endless love. 
I have dedicated the month of November to Pleasures because of the very potent Scorpio influence (which highlights our excitements) and because it is a time to reflect inward. As the colder months approach, more time will naturally be spent indoors with ourselves and/or our loved ones. This is a perfect time to explore your pleasures. From a physical, sexual or psycho-spiritual level.

Pure bliss is like a breath of fresh air. Think of how instinctive breathing is-the simple motion of inhaling and exhaling. Now, imagine if we only focused on inhaling the essence of love, while exhaling all things not reflective of love energy. What a feeling! I urge you to find the courage to leave behind anything that doesn't feel like love; in it's purest form of bliss. Life should be full of moments that fill us with decadent memories. My personal focus is to create a life I will never need a vacation from. 

Elevation and Self-Care. 
I stay in a state of elevation. I am constantly evolving my thoughts and actions to reflect my highest potential. Only through a bomb Self-Care Routine (Salt baths, aromatherapy, love oils, meditation and journaling) am I able to pour my talents out into the world. I am able to help people learn to tap into their deepest pleasures because I adorn myself as a Goddess and I make pleasure out of everyday circumstances. Where others may see a roadblock; I view it as an opportunity to take another route and see some beautiful scenery on the way. Elevate your mental to adapt to every curve ball life throws (because this is the beautiful balance of the Universe) and take care of your Self. Make this a daily pleasure...

Sophisticates and Gangstas alike can agree on some things: and herbal pleasures are one of them! I'm not speaking to those who believe in the societal conditioning that labels the wonder plant marijuana as a "gateway drug." I'm speaking to those that know and love this plant as a medicinal conjure for ailments of all kinds. From nausea to poor eyesight to anxiety and the common cold; those suffering can find relief in the use of marijuana. We prefer Sativa strands for my creativity and flow, and to help with the anxiety levels that come with being a boss! Amongst other things. Just like the method I mentioned above; inhaling the love essence is what happens when we indulge with medicinal plants. Friends and loved ones can gather around and savor in the aroma of good trees and a cool breeze. Add some good food, a good book or movie and some laughs, time will past and you will be even more full of love, joy and pleasure.


Overall, the most important thing about pleasure is remembering to share it. Though some pleasures are created individually, there is truly a mutual benefit for both yourself and others you contribute pleasure energy to. Look at this post, this site and this entire month as a gift from me (La Sirena) to you! May this month be full of prosperity, love, life, abundance, decadent memories and PLEASURE!

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