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WANTED (Pt. 4 - The Finale)

Palm trees in the breeze, Miami was everything I needed. I was standing on the balcony of our beach home, overlooking the distant ocean. I could hear the waves as I watched them, putting me in a trance. Journey came out to join me and grabbed me from behind. He put his hands around my waist and nibbled on my ear a little. “You ready for the wedding?” He asked, knowing that would make me smile. “Of course I am,” I replied. Journey had promised me a lavish wedding in a year’s time and I had been doing plenty of planning. We went inside and he poured us champagne. We had plenty to celebrate. We sold both of our homes in New York to two different couples. They were eager out-of-towners who paid generous prices. Now, we were posted in the Sunshine State. I loved being so close to the beach and everything else about Miami. We’ve been here for a couple of months now. I’m still in touch with all of my family and most of my friends, but I didn’t mind leaving the past behind. 

“Where are we going Journey?” I asked. We were riding back from having drinks, later that evening. He looked over briefly. “You want to go straight back to the condo? I was thinking we could ride out." He continued driving down a coastal highway. “Doesn’t matter baby. I’m good either way,” I replied.

The wind felt so good blowing through my wild hair. Journey rented a foreign and we were riding without a roof. It was a candy red with gold rims and a sexy, leather interior. I looked over and saw him lighting up a big blunt. I smiled and relaxed in my chair. I didn’t know exactly where we were, or how Journey knew how to navigate around the city so well without using his GPS—but I just enjoyed the ride. I watched the palm trees blow in the wind as we zoomed down the highway. Then I noticed Opa Locka Boulevard signs and I looked over at Journey—he was so focused and relaxed that it was almost scary. I knew the area was notorious for international drug dealers and gangsters, so I didn't have to wonder what his connection with it was. Journey always had plenty of social and business connects here in Miami. I noticed from our first week how easy he made acquaintances and plenty of business owners knew him. That was just the kind of man he was. He passed me the blunt and I watched him drive. I realized that he could take over any city if he wanted too. I was relieved to find out that this time, it might actually be different. The city belonged to a man named Diego, a older Cuban gentlemen whom Journey saw as a father figure. Apparently, we were on our way to meet him. 

"I mean damn Journey. You just taking me to meet Cuban drug lords and shit? I wish I would've been more prepared," I said. I wasn't used to being so involved in Journey's occupation. I always kept a safe distance. He grabbed my thigh and continued to drive. "Laila, when Diego calls me, I have to meet him. And you have to meet him too. You're my wife.” I sighed. I guess he was right. He continued, “You have to meet the person that made me the man I am today. After my father was killed, Diego was the one who showed me everything I needed to know. I'm sorry I didn't ask you first but Queen, if you would please, I would like for you to meet my O.G." I was hesitant. "Okay Journey. Anything for you my love," I said anyway. He smiled and I kissed him on the cheek. I hit the tree deep to calm my nerves. I trusted Journey though, so I knew no harm would come my way. It was just that, the deeper I got into Journey's world, the more I seemed to lose my own. I wanted to be a hustler's wife, but that's not the only thing. Journey and I needed to have another talk about MY dreams. He knew there were things that I wanted to pursue before I got with him. I was working towards opening up my luxury Salon and Spa, specifically for Elite Clientele. I planned on having an all-women staff, consisting of my sisters and friends and plenty of celebrity guests and appearances. I looked over at him again and saw him driving through with ease, smiling. I wondered what he was smiling about - I was sure it was my pretty ass. Through the darkness, we ended up in rural area with lots of foliage and flowers all around. We passed a small little beach and went up a hill into a large circular driveway. The marijuana and liquor in my system had me buzzing, but I noticed the quiet calmness of the property. It seemed that Security was everywhere. I could see them hidden, similar to Journey's security guards. Journey turned the car off and reached over to caress my thigh again. He looked at me deeply. “Just be cool mama. You don’t have to worry. You trust me, right?” He asked. “I always trust you Journey—I just know where we are. I’ve heard about Opa Locka…” Journey looked at me and jerked his head back, acting surprised. We both laughed. “Oh yeah? I knew you had just a little more gangsta in you than I thought. What you heard about Opa Locka?" We talked for about 5 minutes before he stepped out and then came around to the passenger side to get me. I stood up and felt the thickness in the air. We walked up the driveway and to the large front door. Journey made another phone call and a few seconds later, a young brown woman with long hair, a slim waist and a lace bodysuit answered the door. Her face lit up when she saw my man.

 “Hey baby!” She exclaimed, grabbing him up for a hug. I could tell she was being extra, but I played my position. “How are you? You must be Laila,” she looked and said to me, after she finished squeezing Journey. “I am,” I said and smirked. I could feel Journey’s eyes on me. “Well it’s very nice to meet you,” she said as she extended her hand. “Yall come on in.”

Journey assured me to go ahead and walk in—he was right behind me. It was dark inside and smelled like fresh leather and potpourri. I followed this beautiful woman (I had to admit) through a large foyer, with burning candles, high ceilings and antique furniture. Journey grabbed me by the waist. “You good?” He whispered in my ear. "Hmph!" I said and gently loosened myself from him. The same hostess that so kindly greeted Journey at the front door walked us into a large room, with a bar and large windows. It was cozy, and luxurious as shit, I couldn’t front. I had a seat on the couch and Journey sat right next to me. He was staring in my face. I tried not to crack a smile. “I’m good Journey,” I finally said. “You sure. Do you trust me Laila?” I looked at him. “Why do you keep asking me that? You know I do. Why else would I be here?” What are we doing here? I secretly wondered. "You'll see," he said. At that moment, a tall, strong and very handsome older man of Cuban descent emerged from the double doors. He looked very serious, and had a burning cigar in his left hand. Journey stood up to greet him. “Diego. Thank you for having me,” Journey said. I immediately noticed how much respect Journey had for him. Diego smiled, seeming like a proud father. "Journey, my son," he reached for him. Though they were sharing a bonding moment, I could feel the hustle in the air. Clearly, both of them were deep in the game. I watched the movements of both he and Diego. 

“You been good?” Diego looked in his eyes and asked, still puffing his cigar. Journey nodded, “I’m good Diego. Everything is in place down here.” I sighed and tried to calm my nerves. I had gotten very uptight and nervous. “This is my Queen, Laila,” he introduced me. I stood up and Diego embraced me with a kiss on the hand. “Muy Bonita!” He exclaimed, eluding to my beauty. Journey seemed amused by it. It did calm my senses a little though. “Something to drink for the lady?” He asked. I nodded and he poured me a glass of champagne. Then I watched him pour two shots of very expensive Whiskey into shot glasses for he and Journey. I took my sip and watched them talk and laugh. I could tell they were catching up. Diego had a lot of questions about people from Journey’s past, including Riante.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I interrupted them after a few minutes. “One moment Queen Laila…” Diego said, before reaching for his home phone. I smirked, wondering what all of the extra fluff was about. Diego made a call and a few seconds later, the hostess from earlier came in the room to get me. “Come on Mamita…let me show you the way,” she said. I looked over to Journey, who came me a reassuring look and then followed her. She had changed into a gold robe that dragged the floor and had her hair up in a scarf. She smelled of sweet coffee and pastries. I wondered what role she played in everything. “Right here Mama,” she said as she opened the door to the large bathroom. I smiled, went inside, looked in the fancy mirror and freshened up with all the luxury toiletries in there. As I was re-applying my lipstick, I told myself that when I got back into the room with Diego and Journey, I would tell him that I was ready to go. Surprisingly, Journey was waiting for me in the kitchen when I walked out. "Come with me Laila, I want to talk to you about something," Journey grabbed me by the hands and said. We walked back into the room with Diego and they both had very big smiles on their faces. "What is it Journey?" I asked. He chuckled and walked me closer to Diego. "I brought you over here to meet the owner of your new building. He's been working on getting your spa layout designed and needed some input from you. I told him that this is one of your biggest dreams. He has some sketches he wants to go over with you."

I grabbed my heart. I was speechless. Diego was smiling at Journey like a proud son and I was proud of my man too! I couldn't believe this dream was really actualizing. I had to have a seat to take it all in. "Journey? Are you serious?" I looked at him and asked. "Of course I am Laila. You've been there for me, and you've been very patient and resilient through everything. I promised you that I would help you to make your dreams come true. That time is now baby." I shook my head in amazement, pussy tingling all over the place. It was like Journey would just place himself in my mind and read my thoughts. I was just worried about missing out on my dreams. Diego and I set up an appointment for that next week to go over the sketches with an architect in the Arts District. I had Diego pour me some more champagne because I had more to celebrate! Journey just looked on as I danced around the room, smiling and shaking his head. He did anything to make me happy and I promised that I would always do the same. That's why when the police came asking about Riante before we left New York, I kept my mouth shut. My intuition told me that they knew who my man was, and that he was connected. But I wouldn’t even give them a lie. After 5 minutes, I dismissed them and threatened to call our lawyers. Deep down, Journey knew that he owed me this and so much more. 

I remembered first seeing Riante’s face on an obituary. It gave me an eerie yet satisfying feeling. Robyn was the one who sent a picture of it to my burner phone. She also informed me that one of Riante’s friends, a witness, was another casualty. It was sad but all is fair in love and war — and this situation involved both. Days before everything went down, Journey had me go away to a mansion in upstate New York. Of course, Renzo drove me and plenty of Security was there waiting for me. I got there and waited for Journey's call. He would be joining me later that evening. I took a sleeping pill and finally got some rest. Deep in my slumber, I saw Riante's face one last time. We were in a cemetery and my back was to him. I was standing at a tombstone that read "here lies Riante Carter; 1984 - 2019." I turned around, feeling his presence and he was holding a single black rose. He smiled, blew me a kiss and handed me the rose before disappearing into the atmosphere. When I woke up, Journey was already there in the house. Minutes later, I saw his face appear from the French double doors of the bedroom. He had on all-black and smiled when he saw me. I didn't ask any questions. I figured Journey wouldn't tell me anything anyway. And he never mentioned seeing my phone again either. But I understood now that Journey was not to be fucked with or double-crossed. As much as I loved him, I also knew what he was capable of.  

"We're going to be getting out of town soon Laila. I'm taking you by your mom's and sister's houses tomorrow, so you can tell them bye and I can drop them off some cash. And then, I want you to pack up all your favorite shit from the spot in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The movers will be there in a few days to pack up and move everything we want to take. We already have three offers for the spot in Manhattan and the Brooklyn condo is sold. We can chill out in Miami for the rest of the year and you can start planning the wedding. You still wanted the wedding in Miami right?" Journey asked me. "Yeah, I do," I said, with a smile and dreamy eyes. "That's what it is then." He pulled me close and kissed my neck. "Okay Journey," I said, totally obliging. Why even question the man? My husband handled his motherfucking business and made moves in silence. He took care of everything, just like I needed. I sighed, still not believing the dream I just had. In the interest of being upfront and vulnerable, I told Journey about the dream I had with Riante in it. He took a sip from his cup and looked back at me. "I never doubted your visions baby, they help me a lot. And I already told you how shit is going down so...just focus on the future. We're leaving all of this shit behind in the next few days," was his response. What was there not to love?

A week and a half later, we touched down in Miami. I overheard Journey on the phone with someone saying "yeah, they were sitting on his location for 72 hours. You already know, that's me. It was right on time. So tell them, the money is already in transit." I wondered how much Journey paid someone to get rid of Riante, and his body, for good. The only reason the police came questioning me is because of the mural that Riante had set up in his house with several of my pictures. He also had plenty of written love letters to me. I asked the cops not to share that with my fiancée. Although Riante initially approached me in an attempt to get close to Journey, I think he actually ended up falling for me. It probably drove him crazy; having an enemy and then falling in love with his woman. A part of him hated that he loved me. And he hated the fact that I was with Journey even more. I didn't know how to feel about everything at first, but now, I'm better. I know that Journey has been transformed through all of this, and I have too. We have transformed together, making our bond even stronger. 

So as we drove home from Diego's house that night, I unbuckled Journey's pants buckle. "What you doing baby?" He asked. "Just drive," I instructed him. I took his dick out and slid it in my mouth. I went slow and could hear his moans growing louder. Not wanting him to crash, I melodically sucked him. I could feel the waves of ecstasy coming from his body. He ended up pulling over right by the private beach we passed on the way up the hill. He parked and relaxed in his chair. I got up and he watched me, biting his bottom lip. I removed my panties from under my maxi skirt and went over to the driver side. "Mmmmmm," he said as I sat on him. He grabbed me by my hips and controlled my motion. He was so determined, so focused. I threw my head back, feeling my heart beat through my entire body. Journey was such a perfect fit for me and the orgasms were back to back. Journey ended up rocking my body to sleep, right there in his front seat. Afterwards, I slept the entire ride home. 

Robyn called the next day and said she would be in town later that week. I was so glad, she could come with me to check out the new spa layouts with Diego. Journey was happy she would be visiting. "It'll give you something to do while I handle business this week. No travel but I have a lot of meetings," he said before kissing my forehead. I was fine with whatever my man had to do. I was also wondering if I should tell him about Robyn and I. I mean, she would be visiting soon but I had no plans on sleeping with her again. We hadn't been intimate in that way since I got with Journey and besides, he and I would be married soon. I watched Journey as he slept that night, because he hardly ever slept. He's always up waiting on me or in the bed next to me, but never fully asleep. He looked at peace. That let me know that all of the things that happened in the past few months including Riante, Monte and the changes in our relationship, had taken a toll on him. I felt so bad for contributing to his confrontation with Riante, but even more bad because I was still fantasizing about Robyn. She was so soft and always smelled so good. And her pussy tasted extra sweet, just like she said mine did. I knew that Journey would never agree to sharing me, even if it was with a woman, so I knew that wasn't an option. I would just have to practice self-control around Robyn and let her know what was up. I convinced Journey to let me drive myself to the airport to get her. She got in the car with her jet black hair swinging, her titties pushed up in her shirt and her ass poking in her sweatpants. "Hey my love," she said as she hopped in. "I got that nigga back there putting my bags in. Pop the trunk!" She kissed me on the cheek and I kissed her back. We laughed and we waited for this random guy to finish loading her things up. She smiled, told him thank you and we drove away.

"How's Journey?" She asked, placing one hand on my thigh. I looked down at her hand and remembered, self-control. "He's okay girl, out handling business," I said back. "Mmm hmm, like always." I could tell that she felt a way. I didn't have the time for it though. Robyn knew what it was with me and Journey. "What's the problem?" I asked after a few moments of silence. She looked over at me, "You really about to marry this nigga though?" I was shocked. How could Robyn question such a sure thing. "Ummm yes. And you're about to be my Maid of Honor. What's the problem?" I asked her back. She shook her head. "I don't know if I can do that shit Laila. I mean, you were mine first." What the hell? Robyn was trippin' now. "Robyn, why are you even acting like this? We have always been Sisters and you have had your share of boyfriends, and girlfriends, and I never said shit about it. Matter of fact, I saw you leave with that girl the night of my birthday party," I said. "And? What the fuck does that mean Laila? You know I don't care nothing about these hoes out here! It's different with you though babe. You know my love for you is pure Laila." I looked over at her Ebony skin and soft, full lips. She looked so damn cute when she tried to pout. I had to convince her to get off this bullshit though. I decided to play along for the time being. "Baby girl, you know what we have is special, and nothing in the world can change that. But you also know how I feel about Journey and what this marriage means to me. Bitch, I'm securing the bag! That means that both of us come up. And you're the one who encouraged me to marry the nigga. So why the sudden change of heart? Just be cool mama. And please don't leave me without a Maid of Honor."

I took Robyn to Fat Tuesday's on South Beach and got her a few drinks to relax. Later I would take her back to the beach house, roll some weed and hopefully have her come to her senses. Perhaps when she saw how I was living now, she would know why leaving Journey was not an option. Why couldn't this bitch just be happy for me? We rode back to the beach house and Robyn had loosened up a bit. We rode past security and I parked the Range Rover in the 4-car garage. "Niiiice," Robyn said as we stepped out. I smiled, gestured for Jamall to help her with her bags and escorted her inside. We sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and I went to get some of my pre-rolled doobies. I came back and sparked one up. I knew that would put a smile on her face. "You know that was my next question," Robyn smiled and said. I smiled back and passed the weed to her. "Robyn, you feel better now? You know you gotta chill with all that wild shit. I'm marrying Journey and I need you to be happy for me." She blew out some smoke towards the ceiling and cracked a smile. "You know what Laila, you're right. I should just be happy for you and Journey. I'm sorry, I was trippin' earlier. And of course I'm not gonna leave you hanging girl - you know I'm ya Maid of Honor." Yes! I was so glad this girl got her mind right. Last thing I needed was somebody else threatening me and Journey's union, especially based on some shit I did in the past. Robyn stayed in the guestroom that night and we headed out to meet Diego for breakfast. He took us to a small Cuban cafe and I just had coffee and toast. He and Robyn had full breakfasts with eggs, sausage, grits and the whole works. 

"Where you from Diego?” Robyn asked. He looked at me, and then back at her. "Cuba," he said. "And you?" She smiled. "I'm from New York. Brooklyn to be exact." Diego shook his head and smirked, I could tell he was digging her style. They continued to have small talk and I observed. Journey sent me a message letting me know that he was in between meetings and was thinking about me. I let him know that I would call him after my meeting with Diego and the architect. Shortly after, we left and headed for the Arts District. I called Journey after the meeting. "Everything went well?" He asked. "Of course Journey. I chose the perfect design and layout. Next time, we'll go over some more of the decor. Thank you again so much baby." I looked over at Robyn, pretending like she wasn't listening. "Anything for you my Laila. I'm glad your meeting went well. Go ahead and buy a pretty dress from one of those boutiques you like. We have a dinner tonight. I'll see you at home around 6."

I took Robyn back to the beach house to get her things and then back to South Beach to her cousin's hotel. "Okay girl, text me later or tomorrow. I know you and Journey have plans tonight," she said. It seemed she genuinely was okay with everything. "Sure thing. Later sweetheart," I said before she walked off. I made a quick stop at the boutique and found the perfect white dress with a sheer back opening. I got matching heels and charged it to one of the many credit cards Journey kept in my wallet. Then I headed back to our beach house, ran some water for a bath and soaked the day off of me. As I was drying off, I heard Journey speaking downstairs. He came to join me in the bedroom shortly after. We greeted with some kisses, he took his shower and we both got dressed. I could see that look in his eyes too as I was bent over putting my heels on. "You know when you standing like that, you make me wanna fuck you right now, right?" I looked back at him. "Papi, as much as I want to feel you inside - you know we won't ever make it to the dinner tonight. And I know it's important to you. So, when we get back you already know..."

We rode out in a limousine, making me feel similar to the night of my birthday. Everything about that memory gave me a queasy feeling now, between Riante and Robyn. I drank a couple of glasses of champagne on the way and when we walked in, I was already tipsy. I didn't have to talk much so once we were seated, I stayed there and let Journey work the room. All of the other wives of these rich men stared at me, probably wondering why I wasn't so eager to kiss their asses. Journey and I were two of the few brown faces at this event. This is when I knew though, Journey had crossed over. A real hood ass nigga was up here at this dinner corporate thuggin'. I laughed to myself, loving it all. Journey told me after Riante, he was done with the street shit for good. He was making strategic investments to watch his money grow, so neither of us or our children would have to work a day in their lives. Everyday he gave me more reasons to love him!

We got back home from dinner and I was full and tipsy. Journey carried me up the stairs and unzipped my dress for me. I stepped out of it and got in the bed with just my bra and panties. Journey was in the bathroom when I heard the doorbell ring. I knew Security was downstairs but I wondered who it could be. Journey came out of the bathroom and kissed my forehead. "I'll be right back," he said. "Let me go see who this is." I figured it was probably one of Journey's associates, coming over for a late night meeting or something. A few minutes later, I heard Journey come back into the room. My back was towards the door and I was comfortable under the covers. Just like I needed, my man came in the bed and put his arms around me. I felt his dick rub up against me and I let out a slight moan. I heard him sigh and then he started to nibble on my ear a little. Just as I was beginning to get my body ready to receive him, he whispered in my ear and said, "Robyn just told me everything." I opened my eyes wide. The fuck?

"She told you what exactly?" I turned around and asked him. He looked at me deeply, like he was trying to read my Soul or some shit. "She told me that she's in love with you. And that's why she can't be in the wedding anymore. She also said that you had the sweetest pussy that she ever tasted. So then I told her to get the fuck out of my house." My jaw was fucking dropped. I should've known better than to trust Robyn with our secret. That bitch just couldn't stand to see me happy! She had been acting very unstable since she landed. That hoe really just came to my residence and professed her love for me to my fiancee? I wanted to call her ass right then and cuss her the hell out! I shook my head. Journey shook his too. I didn't know what to say, so I just told the truth. "Look baby, I can't help the way she feels. I mean, I know why she may feel that way, but I still can't help it. And I don't love her, I love you. She knows that. She's jealous and she's trying to ruin us." For the first time, Journey didn't reach out to pull me closer. Instead, he got out of the bed and began pacing the room a bit. "Journey I'm serious. I don't love her romantically. I love her as a sister. We did fool around in the past, but that's exactly what it is, the past."

He didn't say anything for a minute. I could tell he was processing his thoughts. But then he looked over to me. "What's up with all these secrets and lies and shit? It seems that every week, it's something new with you. All this fucking drama at our doorstep, again! What else you wanna tell me Laila?" I honestly didn't have anything else to tell. I had come clean about everything. "Nothing Journey. I've told you everything. That's everything." He chuckled. "You sure? Or is somebody else gonna pop up with more bullshit about you? Laila, you know EVERYTHING about me. I leave you with my fucking Security when I'm gone and I've given you the access codes. Now why the fuck would I trust you like that if I really didn't want to spend my life with you? If I can't trust you though..." he paused and shook his head, then he looked back up at me. "...You know too much Laila. You know everything about everything. And I love you with everything in me, but you making this shit real hard now. I can't even trust where your pussy has been, how can I trust you to be my wife?" He asked. That stung, bad. I squinted my eyes at him. Journey had never spoken to me in that way. "So you don't want to get married?" I asked him back, straight up. I wasn't really a fan of his disrespect either. He looked at me in my eyes. "Are you fucking serious Laila? Just like that, you ready to throw this whole engagement away?" I let out a deep breath, trying to remain calm. "I didn't even say that. You're the one talking about you can't trust my pussy and shit. Like what the fuck Journey!" I exclaimed. "No, what the fuck Laila? You was out here fraternizing with my sworn enemy and now your so-called best friend is approaching me, talking about how your pussy tastes? Like, put yourself in my fucking shoes Laila. I've been real patient, with all this shit. But now..."

"But now, you need to say how you feel right? Let me know Journey! You mad at me? Okay, please let it out! Don't be telling me shit like it isn't my fault, or you gonna handle it when you STILL feel a way about it," I said. "And I DID handle shit Laila, keep playing games! You know I put my life on the line for your ass more than once and all that I ask for in return, is honesty. The whole story. Not pieces of it, the whole story...YOUR STORY! And I can't get that. So I'ma roll out for a while. As far as I'm concerned, you can stay here or you can take your Range Rover and run the streets. It's not my problem anymore Laila. I'm gone." Journey put his shoes back on and headed out the door. I sighed. He had every reason to be upset. But was it over? I know that I had pushed him to his limits. But I held Journey down too, and I never folded. Why couldn't he see the sacrifices that I had made to be with him? I left behind my family, my friends and my entire life - just to be his wife. So I waited about 15 minutes until I knew Journey was gone. I promised myself that I wouldn't cry. I went in my closet and put on some jeans, a black fitted hoodie and my Nike Huaraches. I walked past Security and didn't respond when they asked me if I needed to be escorted. I grabbed my keys, hopped in my Range Rover and headed to South Beach. I didn't even dial Robyn's phone like I wanted to. I parked on a side street and walked towards her hotel on the strip. Like water, the bitch was sitting at the luxury hotel bar having a drink with some rich, older man. I guess this bitch is playing both sides tonight huh? I thought to myself. Her back was to me and she was smiling. I walked up behind her, grabbed her glass of wine and threw that shit in her face. "Bitch, what the fuck did I tell you?" I asked while I grabbed her by that pretty long hair and dragged her ass from that barstool. "Didn't I tell you to be fucking happy for me and my wedding?" The man she was with and the bartender all looked on and begged me to stop but I wasn't. "Laila! Laila!" She screamed out. "Nah, fuck that bitch! I told you to keep your mafuckin' mouth shut." She was squirming on the ground and I got her ass up and punched her in the face. Bow! Bow! Bow! "You not ruining my wedding bitch!" I reminded her, while I continued to whale on her ass. I swear I saw black, a part of me wanted to kill her. I put my hands around her neck and wanted to cut off her air supply. Her eyes grew wider as she tried to claw away at me, begging me to stop. Finally, one of the Security Guards at the hotel came and pulled me off of her. I got free from them and went back to kick that bitch in her abdomen. "You better thank this nigga, he just saved your fucking life tonight Robyn!" I yelled. She laid there panting, hands around her neck as she tried to catch her breath. The Security Guard walked me back to his office. I was still breathing heavy and my heart was racing. I looked in the mirror to check my faces for any scratches. Besides a small one close to my eye, I was in the clear. My arm was a little sore and one of my nails was on the verge of breaking. I had a seat and took the bottle of water that the Security Guard offered me. I sighed and shook my head. People would get enough of testing me. 

"Hold up, aren't you Journey's wife?" The Security Guard asked me. He was young, dark-skinned and was dressed like a Sheriff. "You know me?" I asked him back. "Most of the city knows you Laila - at least those that matter. You know Journey has eyes on you everywhere," he said with a slight chuckle. "Right." Because I mean, who the fuck was I fooling? I would never get away from Journey, even if I wanted to. "Look, are you okay? What exactly was going on out there?" He asked. Just thinking of that bitch Robyn made my blood boil again. "Some shit I had to handle. It couldn't wait. But look, does you knowing my husband mean that I won't have to deal with anyone pressing charges?" I asked. The young Security Guard smiled. "You're fine Ms. Madera. Let me make a call," he said and stepped out the room. Hearing someone call me by Journey's last name made me so nostalgic about our love. Journey and I had been through so much already, he couldn't leave me now. I should have told him about Robyn when I first had the mind to. I know it looked fucked up, him always finding out something and then me confessing to it. I was fucking up! But Robyn deserved the ass-whooping that I just put on her. I had no regrets about that shit. I still couldn't believe that Journey walked out on me earlier. All I could do was pray that he loved me like he said he did and would forgive my wild ass. Shit, I don't know why he couldn't see that he and I were the same. He told me what he thought I needed to know and I did the same. I kept my anger controlled for the most part but when my head heats up, somebody is getting fucked up! The same as him. I sat there and contemplated on how different, but alike Journey and I were. Right when I was wondering what was taking so long, the Security Officer came back into his office. He had a seat at his desk and said "Okay Ms. Madera, you're free to go." I got up and turned around to see Journey standing there. I promised myself I wouldn't cry I thought as I walked into his open arms. 

"I'm sorry baby," he whispered to me. "I'm sorry too," I whispered back. We walked out of the hotel and out onto the strip. Journey had Renzo drive him over, so he sent him on his way and hopped in my Range Rover. "I'll drive you baby," he said and took the keys from my hand. We rode and I said nothing. I felt like things may never be quite the same with us. I didn't know how Journey felt about me anymore. I wasn't sure how I would feel about me either. 

"Who told you to go to that hotel and fuck that girl up like that Laila?" I looked over at Journey and we both started laughing, hard. We laughed so hard that I got stomach pains. We were laughing like the first night we met each other in that club. He reached over and grabbed my thigh. "I understand why you didn't tell me about Robyn. That was something real personal and I feel like, you would've told me eventually." I breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, I would have Journey. I just couldn't fathom losing you, not over Robyn. She was always jealous of me, and she was trying to sabotage our whole shit. She had been talking crazy since I picked her up from the airport really, but I thought that I could calm her nerves. She's the fuck outta line though. And I'm so sorry Journey. I went in there to fuck her up because she deserved it. Don't nobody fuck with my man." Journey looked over again and smiled. I loved watching him drive. "I didn't mean what I said Laila. I trust you now just like I trusted you back then when I first let you in. You're the woman that God created for me. And no matter what, I'ma be here. You don't have to do this shit alone baby, so please stop trying to. Let me help you. Because you know I'll put any fucking body in the ground for you. That's for life Queen."

It's true. I probably didn't deserve Journey. But you heard what he said, God created me for him. We got back to the beach house and I saw plane tickets on the dining room table. Curious, I walked over to get a closer view. My eyes lit up. "When did you plan a trip to New Orleans baby?" I ran in the kitchen and asked. He smiled. "A few days ago. We have some properties to look at before we make a final decision. You still wanted another house in New Orleans right? Close to the Bayou with a big ass backyard?" He asked. I put my arms around his neck and shoved my tongue down his throat. He was the best at manifesting all of my miracles. "My miracle worker. Baby you the one. I promise you," I said. He looked at me back in my eyes and grabbed my hands. "Let me work more miracles for you upstairs." He led the way to our bedroom and started at my feet. He kissed me all the way up my body and didn't miss a spot. I was sure the Security heard me, the way my loud ass was shouting that night. I slept well and began to pack for New Orleans the next day. I was so ready to visit the Big Easy, reconnect with my roots and pick out my perfect second home! 

We boarded the plane two days later and I got comfortable in my first class seat. As we flew over the Sunshine State, I replayed the last couple of days in my head. I actually wondered where Robyn may have been. Hopefully she returned to New York. I never planned on seeing or hearing from her again. Thirty minutes after takeoff and there Journey was, sleeping again. I looked down at him as he was resting on my bosom. Everything about him was everything I needed. And he trusted me, really trusted me. I needed to be a hustler's soft spot. Now we were on our way to chart more territory, claiming more of what was ours. The wedding would be a private one, with just family and close friends attending. I didn’t mind. I had a new elite spa to open up and plenty more to be thankful for. It was never easy and I never thought it to be; dealing with a man like Journey. I went in excited by the fear that I may one day know too much. And that day is now. Of course I knew everything, but all of this was wanted. And it shall forever be.

The End.


  • Loved this!

  • Ooooo this was good asf need a part 2 of life in New Orleans and how that sap turns out


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