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Unfurl - Part 2

He removed my panties slowly. Again, I let out another deep exhale. With my shoulders relaxed and my genitals swelling, I eased deeper into the love session.

Dre wrapped his lips around me. Moving his tongue in slow circles that lengthened each stroke of pleasure. He had me feeling so smooth and so free, making my orgasm seem drawn out over the span of time. He was no lazy lover. He came up, kissed my forehead and then pulled me closer to him. Nibbles on my neck, my ears and my breasts. Kisses on his face, strokes in his beard and more of my juices splashed on his canvas. I got on top of him and tilted my head. The dim sunlight from the window above my bed's headboard shimmered on him. He pulled me down to his lips, giving me more doses of the caramel. I swirled my tongue in his mouth, and his mind. Sweetly divine his mind's juices tasted. It excited me, making me eager to please him. I felt his manhood growing larger as I sat upon him. I scooted down, giving his chest a few pecks before removing his belt buckle. I unzipped his jeans and could feel his penis ready to jump out. Such a beautiful sight it was to behold. I massaged his tool in my mouth until I saw it glisten with the light from the window pane. His moans intensified my pleasure. Everything about him made me want to serve him, naturally. What the hell was happening to me?

In a flash I was on top of him; the tip of his penis right there. He grabbed my hips and glided inside. I threw my head back. He grabbed me lightly by my shoulders and lifted himself up a little.

"A perfect fit. Just like I knew I would be," he whispered to me. The possibility of him being the man created for me brought me to orgasm, again. I cooed and cried his name out. All the while his grips of passion sending me to cosmic places. So cool, so quiet, so genuine and sincere; Dre had been saving these parts of himself! They served him best in the moment.

He grabbed my backside and pulled himself inside closer, "show me what she likes," he whispered into my ear, making my moans grow. He kissed me in between encouragingly nasty words, sending me to orgasm each time. He positioned me back on top of him. 

"You keep making me cum Dre," I breathlessly said. He said nothing, just sped up his pace a little and sucked on my breasts. My neck rolled around, the figures that I saw in smoke before, gazing back at me.

Now the moonlight was shining. I hadn't even remembered the time going from day into night. Hadn't we just shared breakfast in bed? I let him get on top of me, spreading my legs in ways I never knew or thought possible. 

When I opened my eyes again, candles were burning and the scent of frankincense filled my nostrils. Dre was so comfortable in my home; putting on light music, pouring more wine and running bathwater for me. He pulled me from out of the bed and I followed the rose petal pathway to my bathroom. It had been transformed into a fortress with more wine, fruit, chocolate, candles and a bathtub overflowed with bubbles.

As he bathed me, with kisses in between, I felt heavenly. I was so grateful for the moments that we were sharing. He oiled my body down and fed me chocolate covered strawberries. Like damn, was it Valentine's Day? Or was I just experiencing the real? Lawd have mercy! I thought. And where had the time gone? I wasn't worried about my phone or anything else. Dre had my undivided attention.

I watched him sleep later on that evening. My body was still sore, but relaxed from the warm, bubble bath Dre had given me earlier. We were soulmates, had to be. He felt like home to me. There was no doubts or questions in my mind about his intentions. And I had done nothing more than be my authentic Self.

About an hour later, Dre woke up and caressed my back. I was sitting at the edge of my bed, indulging in the herbs I had just twisted up. I turned around to look at him and there he was, smiling and proud. It was confirmed. And as he pulled from my perfectly rolled joint, I watched the ethers from his mouth unfurl. Once again, the smoke taking form of our angels and guardians. 

"Told you so," they whispered. 

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