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Unfurl - Exhale

I was delighted to accept his invitation to this secure and serene destination. Deep in Monroe County, Florida - off the shores of Key West. There was a car waiting for me once I retrieved my luggage from baggage claim and exited the airport. I sat in the backseat and returned texts that I had missed while in the air. Dre had let me know he would meet me there. I looked up at the palm trees and sunshine in the sky. This was a place I knew that I would call home someday, soon.

The ferry came and there he was, standing tall and handsome. He grabbed me by my waist and kissed my cheek, as we embraced. He smelled like a King from the islands. He grabbed my bags and led me to the ferry. Across the water we rode, smiling and reminiscing. Just a few short weeks back, we had visualized this rendezvous. And we were now standing in the flesh, again. He looked even better than I remembered. And his energy? Damn it felt good. Why hadn't I come sooner?

The Spanish-themed Villa was gorgeous; with high ceilings, antique furniture and modern amenities. It was a brick front with large windows and patios. Sheer white curtains blew in the walkway, leading to a private beach.

"Paradise," I said to Dre. He was twisting some limes to top our Margaritas with. He smiled at me, and then lightly kissed my cheek. He seemed to know exactly what I liked.

We sat there on the water and let the waves take over our consciousness. He reached out to my hand and then caressed my back. As the sun set in the sky, my inhibitions melted into the horizon. We walked back into the Villa, had some grilled fish, caught earlier that day, with string beans and squash. He poured us white wine and massaged my legs and feet. As we laughed, cuddled, gazed into each other's eyes and surrendered, I exhaled. Was this the moment that Ms. Terry McMillan had been talking about this whole time? I was a child when the book "Waiting to Exhale" was released, but the movie and my grown woman wisdom had put plenty into perspective for me.

I looked over at Dre; genuine, kind and a stare that pierced through my soul. Something about this particular exchange was different. Was I evolving? I didn't even want him to penetrate me physically. His mental and spiritual sensations felt so good. It seemed that the longer we waited for it, the sweeter the marinade became. It had only been 5 weeks - 37 days to be exact. He came into my life at a time where I declared what I had needed. How refreshing it was for me to not feel the pressure. 

The pressure. Alleviated. And the sun rose, without me even realizing that our souls were pouring out. This is what the love songs were speaking about? I never thought that it could be me. I had plenty of lovers in my lifetime, but none to last a lifetime. My perspective had changed, I confirmed. And looking into Dre's eyes brought some type of completion and comfort to me. The sweetest morning dew.

Breakfast in bed. This was three weeks later. We were now back at my place. Dre had only visited twice before, one time just to drop off flowers and a bottle of wine that I liked. He fed me fruit before rolling up Ganja. I watched the smoke unfurl after we ate. The clouds took form, in the shapes of Ancestral women and Guardian angels. He whispered into my ear and I lay back. I let him kiss me slowly on my lips, my neck, my waist and then, when he asked "can I kiss you here?" I responded, "I don't mind."

He removed my panties slowly...


("Unfurl" Part 2 coming soon...)

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