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The Pure Form.

Deeper and deeper the thrusts became. I could feel his manhood stretching me from the inside out. He moved me, in my state of oblivion I had no control—and placed me on top of him. He gripped tightly at my hips as he eased even deeper.
My eyes closed, I hadn’t realized I had left Earth until I came—and then came back down! I vividly remembered the array of colors, the Kama Sutra texts in the midst, the stars, deities I saw as he twirled inside of me. I had herbal motivations and was drenched in sweat and Sirena Passion Oils, thinking that perhaps these were the cause. Were they?
He wiped me down, brought me water and fresh pomegranate and cooled my breathing. He watched as I waited….anticipated. I had told myself that the last round would be our last. Besides, how long could he last?

In a flash, his tongue was buried in my sweetness again. The waves rolling over in my body were hard to contain—he had to hold me down by my stomach. The waters rushing in my brain, driven from my soul now traveled down to his face. I sprayed him with the ocean water from my mermaid essence.

Perhaps. I mean, who did we think we are? Paradise is a natural state, and I had no means to escape. While I was the entire Island, he was the inhabitant that gave me life, immortalizing my purpose. 
I went higher, shouted loud enough for the heavens to hear me because, his mouth and fingers were taking me places I had never dreamed of. Easy and slow, he rose up and again, his penis was massaging my vagina walls. The constant rubbing, the soothing comforts, the girth and width, the slippery sauce that marinated between his sheets—yes, I was the one responsible.
In my purest form, his body belonged to me. We took each other to places and spaces that none of our other lovers could. And as we basked in the aftermath, as he pulled me closer to him by my waist, as I told myself that I needed to....

I drifted, and he was so close that I met him there in my dreams. I woke up feeling like I was reborn.

That was the sacred sexuality in it's purest form. Thank you God!

La Madame

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