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The Fertility Vibration (Natural Conception, Fertility and Spirituality)

Before we begin, let me preface this post by saying that Afrikan Spiritual Traditions recognize all physical ailments as spiritual blockages. This means that every physical affliction has a spiritual and/or cosmic root. 

Infertility can be caused by a number of physical factors; including your DNA (genetics), physical trauma and other predisposed medical conditions. In the spiritual realm however, factors such as generational and previous womb and sexual trauma, unhealed abortions and miscarriages, lack of trust in self and sexual partners, lack of ancestral connection, self harm, abuse survival and more can also contribute to the infertility issues many women may face. In the Western World, exploring the concept of the spiritual cause of ailments is heavily disregarded. This is because of the pharmaceutical companies that constantly line the pockets of plenty with revenue gained from a "sick" population. Putting all of our trust into these physicians, whom most times do not encourage or even engage with patients about holistic alternatives, has resulted in a great disconnect from our own healing power. Now, by no means is this post meant to be used in lieu of advice from your trusted physician. You are simply asked to bear in mind the facts about the history of healing, medicine and pharmaceutical companies in this country and most other colonized regions of the World. (Note: most "Midwives" and Doulas were exiled from the medical community in the early 1900s due to inaccurate male academia and fragile egos. Male Physicians often discredited the practice of midwivery because silencing women was easy and they saw another way to exploit the medical industry for profits). Plainly put, Western Medicine is focused on healing the symptoms and not the root cause. Alternative, Holistic and Plant Medicine is focused on healing the root causes, resulting in total wellness for the individual. 

The Vibration of Fertility is open, loving, safe and most importantly, abundant. On a very basic and subconscious level, a woman and her womb need to feel safe, loved and fully supported to naturally conceive. She needs to trust that this is the right time, place and energy to invite new life and carry that new life to be birthed into this plane. Her partner needs to show her this reality through consistent actions, thorough communication, being a provider (financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually), effort and a passion to actualize her desires. More than a physical connection, the spiritual identities of both partners should be comfortable and very in tune with each other. For the naked bodies to dance to the tune of the highest vibration of love/creative forces, the naked souls must meet and reflect as such. (Note: there are no mistakes made in the realm of conception. "Planned" or not, when a woman's womb becomes occupied with the spirit of an Ancestor, very intentional magic was practiced. Aware or ignorant, the chosen parents of that spirit-child have created and maintained a vibration of natural conception. What they decide to do with that creation is based on their own beliefs, but the facts about the spiritual atonement achieved remains).

Fertility Work is Womb Work. The first step is acknowledging your Womb as more than just a physical domain, but as a heavenly gateway that connects you to all of Creation. Your Womb has a Spirit and a vibration of her own, that you need to tap inside to listen to intuitively. Let's start with a womb checklist:

1) Are you still eating low vibrational and processed foods regularly (Heavy starch, meat and unhealthy snack intake)? If so, your body needs a detox so your bones, breath, blood and organs can be purified and function at their highest level. 2) Are you flushing your system with at least 64oz of purified or alkaline water daily? 3) Are you still having unemotional and calcified sex just for the physical sensations - with no spiritual thought or intention? 4) Do you trust yourself to make the right decisions for your mind, body, spirit and womb? 5) Do you trust your significant other or sexual partner - and do you feel supreme love when they are inside of you? ---- This is a small list of variables to consider when beginning or continuing your womb work. To get closer to your womb and to heal her, you'll need to dedicate time daily to meditate and talk with her, journal with her, feed her highly vibrational foods and massage her (via your lower abdomen). Creating and maintaining a womb regimen puts you energetically closer to the Fertility Vibration. And this is where the natural magic happens...

In addition to the foods and words you speak to your Womb, you will also need to be mindful of the ways in which you choose to anoint her. Each time you take a shower or bath, get dressed and step out into the world, you have an opportunity to maintain your womb regimen. Heavily perfumed or chemically induced bath and body products are toxic to your womb environment and the Fertility Vibration. Prolonged use of some cosmetic and even marketed "intimate" products can and have resulted in ovarian cysts, cancers and other harmful womb problems. I highly suggest using only organic and non-toxic ingredients for your intimate care. As I am sure you know, here at The Jambalaya Moon there are plenty of natural Yoni (Vagina) care items for you to choose from, to layer your healing and to bring yourself further into alignment with the Fertility Vibration.

The Fertility Vibration Bundle is a highlighted product during this season of Pleasure Celebration at The Home of the Wild Conjures. I highlight this bundle because it includes a FIXED Passion-Fertility Candle, Anointed Fertility Oil, Exotic Pum Pum Wash and Wild Love Aura Spray. All of these items were hand-picked, due to their effectiveness and potency, to create and maintain the Fertility Vibration. Using the Pum Pum Wash first rids the vagina of any lingering bacteria or pH imbalances, promoting a holistic womb environment. Once the Goddess is finished bathing, She should be massaged with the Fertility Oil; paying special attention to both her pineal gland (third eye) and lower abdomen. The bedroom or sacred space should be sprayed with the Wild Love Aura Spray and before love-making commences, the Passion-Fertility Candle should be lit on an altar that includes written details of the conception desires of each partner. This Bundle comes with further and more detailed instructions by request.

Ready to vibe? The Fertility Vibration mostly includes thoughts of conception however, being fertile is a basis for spiritual growth, awareness and personal power. Tis' the Season, as the Great Mother Goddess begins to slowly unfurl into her deepest wiles, you are naturally connected! For more information and for help tapping into your Fertility Vibration, schedule a Womb Divination Session with La Sirena. Related Products include: Exotic Yoni Steams, the Island Pum Pum Bundle, Black Pussy Supreme Oil and Supreme LOVE Ritual Bundle.

A La Madame Sirena Specialty Post. La Madame's Month of Pleasures Highlight!

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