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  • The Fertility Vibration (Natural Conception, Fertility and Spirituality)

    Before we begin, let me preface this post by saying that Afrikan Spiritual Traditions recognize all physical ailments as spiritual blockages. This ...
  • A Sweet Love Jones

    Decades later and "Love Jones" is  still my favorite movie of all time! 

    This film, centered in the urban intellectual scene of the late 90s, is a classic for so many reasons. Beyond having two of the most talented African-Americans in Hollywood, a heart-gripping story line and an extremely cool vibe, it pays homage to the Original African deities and culture.

  • Welcome to the Pleasure Realm...

    Sweet and delightful, I relish in the pleasure realm. To me, life is all about experiencing pleasure, in all of its forms. It's also about surrounding yourself with luxury, beauty and endless love. 
    I have dedicated the month of November to Pleasures because of the very potent Scorpio influence...