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  • Tiptoes...

    Him done got blessed with the "Pussy Magic" – and he shall never be the same. I was playing around with the elements the other night and realized, ...
  • The Message...

    Eric swore he was so relevant. Imagine my surprise when he had the nerve to text me back "I've taken a vow of celibacy." What? Negro, please. Did h...
  • Delicious

    I find solace in love stories, fresh flowers, sweet honey kisses and whispered promises under the Moonlight. I crave exploration of foreign places ...
  • Playground (Exclusive)


  • Mermaid Lovelaces

  • A Sweet Love Jones

    Decades later and "Love Jones" is  still my favorite movie of all time! 

    This film, centered in the urban intellectual scene of the late 90s, is a classic for so many reasons. Beyond having two of the most talented African-Americans in Hollywood, a heart-gripping story line and an extremely cool vibe, it pays homage to the Original African deities and culture.

  • Blue Moon Love Eclipse

    May the nectar of the Gods refresh me…resurrect me! For a long time, I’ve been feeling this burst coming. I could feel the Egun brewing—something sweet and savory, with spicy undertones. Cayenne pepper desires, kept me on fiyah!

  • The Pure Form.

    Deeper and deeper the thrusts became. I could feel his manhood stretching me from the inside out. He moved me, in my state of oblivion I had no control—and placed me on top of him. He gripped tightly at my hips as he eased even deeper. 

    My eyes closed, I hadn’t realized I had left Earth until I came—and then came back down! I vividly remembered the array of colors, the Kama Sutra texts in the midst, the stars, deities I saw as he twirled inside of me. I had herbal motivations and was drenched in sweat and Sirena Passion Oils, thinking that perhaps these were the cause. Were they?